1. Juice6576

    Aft Cabin Leak MH-37

    First night back on the boat and my wife woke up with wet pajamas. Found a small leak along the top of the aft bulkhead. There is a large cover, which I suspect might cover the steering linkage. I'm suspecting our pedastal or deck cover.
  2. N

    Thoughts on this Black Crud In Bilge? Previous engine fire? Oil Leak? - Hughes 40

    Hey guys, I'm looking at buying a Hughes 40 but have some major concerns surrounding the engine. It's been sitting on the hard for 3-5 years while it's being restored. When looking at the engine, the entire area below the engine is black, with some black patches almost appearing and feeling like...
  3. MySong

    Hunter 26 leaking water into cabin light

    My main cabin light is full of water. I went to the coachroof and my mast wiring plug is lose at the base. Looks like one of the screws is missing and it was knocked loose by my boom vang moving. I can't change the angle of my boom vang because all of the points are riveted into the boom. Are...
  4. O

    Fresh water filling floods bilge?

    Hey, new owner of a 1995 Beneteau Farr 50 here. When filling my four fresh water tanks, the top tray of the water tanks fill with water and, if left overflowing at the hose deck fill, will flood the bilge as well. Has anyone else had this issue? The clamshell tank vents don't ever seem to flow...
  5. J

    Leak at shaft

    Hello, I got the boat into the water on Saturday. After a couple of hours I noticed some water in the oil pan below the engine. I moped it up and didn't find any obvious leaks then went home. Returned to the boat yesterday and there was probably 4 or 5 liters. So I got the water out then went...
  6. F

    Salt water leak

    Hello all, I'm having a leak issue with my Catalina 309, 2006 hull number 90. I have sea water collecting in my bilge, several gallons a day, and can't find the source. I believe I have narrowed the leak area down to some where under the galley. Of course this area is very inaccessible. I...
  7. Oceanis 440 NY

    Aft Cabin Leak

    Hi All, Have a ‘95 Oceanis 440 with a water leak from the cockpit into the aft Cabin. The water appears to be entering either around the aft portion of the cockpit table and pedestal or the self bailing stern tubes. Has anyone had a similar problem with the 90s era Models? The water pools...
  8. J

    Water buildup in v-berth

    Hi. Just bought our boat and after getting into it a bit more, found a little pool of water that builds up in the v-berth, at the back port side adjacent to the bath. Looks like it's coming from the back side panel toward the cieling area. Since I'm new to sailing and sailboats, would it be a...
  9. M

    hot water heater thermostat woes, twice?

    so the old boat had a raritan made in NJ that lasted 25 years. the new - to - us boat (an 05, 2007 purchase ) came with a claimed 'top of the line ' indel marine 'basic' hot water heater with stainless steel tank, 'double overheat' thermostat protection...
  10. murrayabbott

    Freshwater Leak on 45DS

    I am hoping that someone else has run into this before, I am at my wits end. Ever since the boat was new, there has been a freshwater leak and I have not been able to find it. It seems that the leak gets bigger each spring but in the summer it slows down and stops!!! Has anyone ever run into...
  11. V

    How to fix leaks along gunnels

    Hello All, I am looking for advice on how to fix a leak on my Balboa 20. It seams to be coming from the port stay bracket or the cracks around that area. I have posted some photos of the troubled areas. https://goo.gl/photos/rP35TPMsHvXtx9ts6 Regards, PEter
  12. kiteflyer

    Standing water in entrance to Captain's Berth

    Arcadia is still on the cradle and it rained pretty heavy last week (she's a 1991 Hunter 28). Went out today to paint the bottom and noticed standing water in the entrance to the captain's berth. Looks like the wood just below the engine access panel is pretty soaked and may have gotten wet...
  13. stuartsw

    Rebedding deck handholds on an H36

    I suspect that one or more of our port side deck handholds are the source of an interior leak we are experiencing on our 2009 Hunter 36. Does anyone have experience with removing an re-bedding these? There are no visible attachment points on the deck side, which leads me to believe that I need...
  14. SVPardonMyFrench

    Rebedding Side Windows 40.5

    It's rained a lot in Seattle in the last couple of weeks, and i found a source to collect fresh water on the boat... The port side windows is leaking profusluy, so time to rebed. I bet that's it's happened before to many of you, any tips on best way to proceed? Many thanks as always...
  15. themangokid

    Leak while under sail.

    Bilge is bone dry while sitting in the bay on its mooring. Took it out for 2 days camping on the lake, had some pretty choppy water, and accumulated about 2 litres of water in the bilge by the time I got home. I just emailed the original owner about it and he has not gotten back to me yet. I was...
  16. tjar

    Leak around top of compression post

    With the recent heavy rains in the northwest, I discovered that my new to me 1993 Legend 35.5 has a small leak coming down the top of the compression post. I used a mirror to inspect the space between the deck and cabin liner and it appears that the water is coming in at the base of the mast...