Hunter 26 leaking water into cabin light


Aug 20, 2019
San Juan 21 Lake
My main cabin light is full of water. I went to the coachroof and my mast wiring plug is lose at the base. Looks like one of the screws is missing and it was knocked loose by my boom vang moving. I can't change the angle of my boom vang because all of the points are riveted into the boom.

Are those supposed to be riveted into place? If I could slide it back just a bit that would make a huge difference.

Suggestions of what to do are appreciated.

Jan 19, 2010
Hunter 26 Charleston
If you have a rivet gun, you could easily drill those out, move it to a new position and pop two new rivets. I got this rivet gun at Lowes...


They are not very expensive and handy for a lot of projects.

Find a bit that is approximately the diameter of the inner dimple and just drill it out.

It is soft metal and comes out easily.

Then take a second bit the diameter of the rivet you are going to use... it will be one that almost fills the hole you are filling in the padeye. Mark where you need the new holes in boom and drill. Move the padeye to a the new position, put in the rivets and two or three pulls on the rivet gun and you are done.
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Apr 22, 2014
Hunter 42 Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico
One option is to change the electrical pass-through. Have never seen one as tall as yours. The typical fitting looks the same as where yours up to the point where it has the knurled ring. Perhaps there are other styles too. If you can't find something at the typical boating sources, try a Ham radio store.
Jun 8, 2004
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Not sure why you want to change the angle of the boom vang but want to know if it is the position of the block. You can change that using a twist shackle but make sure it is a long one. A twist shackle rotates the block 90 degrees. If you still want to move that block, you can by drilling out and drill two new holes attaching pop rivets.
I understand why you want to move that block so it will not hit the light connection. Look at others to see if not as tall. Another thing that might be possible is to move the block above the light connecter with the base attached to a pennant style wire to base of mast. Take a stainless steel cable and loop the ends of course secured and then use shackles for attachment. Hopefully others will chime in on what I am saying.

As for the light fixture, you need to correct that and if using the same one with the screw broken off, simply turn it and redrill for new holes making sure you caulk the old ones as well as the new ones.