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Standing water in entrance to Captain's Berth

May 27, 2014
Hunter 28 High Cliff State Park, WI
Arcadia is still on the cradle and it rained pretty heavy last week (she's a 1991 Hunter 28). Went out today to paint the bottom and noticed standing water in the entrance to the captain's berth. Looks like the wood just below the engine access panel is pretty soaked and may have gotten wet before. Any thoughts on where it might've gotten in? Bathroom on the other side of cabin is perfectly dry.
Mar 29, 2017
Hunter 30t 9805 littlecreek
She's peeking pretty good Windows? Cockpit lockers. Hatches. Probably leaning on the side water collecting ya gotta check everything maybe with a hose maybe go to boat on rainy day
Jun 3, 2010
Hunter 27-3 Erie
Ditto above plus: Check the fit of your main hatch boards, ours are tight on the top to one side of the sliding hatch and loose on the other, if the rain is blowing around we will take water through that gap. Second, check the sliding hatch itself. Not sure what you have on the 28, we have two "U" shaped pieces of nylon attached to the hatch that the hatch slides back and forth on, the starboard one was cracked in a couple of places and pieces were missing when we bought the boat. It did not provide a good slide or a good seal. Third, on our boat the track that the hatch boards sit in has two oblong holes at the bottom for the water to drain into the cockpit, they can get clogged and overflow inside. Lastly, if all else fails, try the old chalk trick. Draw lines around your puddle, when it rains the source of the water running into the puddle will wash away a part of the chalk line (unless it's dripping straight down).

PS. I think the hose idea is a good one, get someone to hose the boat down with you down below.
May 27, 2014
Hunter 28 High Cliff State Park, WI
My hunch is loose hatch or just the funny lean on the hard causing water to run in rather than back to the cockpit. Chalk trick is clever.