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osmosis/water in the keel ?

Oct 18, 2019
I am about to buy this nice Albin Vega, but I received this picture. I kow it is difficult from a picture, but do you think it could be osmosis ? I have been said is just antifouling leveling.




Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Osmosis is associated with fiberglass as I understand. Looks like the keel barrier coat has localized failure. Sand these areas, apply up to 7 coats of epoxy followed by anti-foulant paint and have your hull cleaning diver monitor / report the keel coating condition after every cleaning. I had a similar issue on my Hunter 46 lead keel that I purchased last year l due to neglect by the previous owner. I had the yard sand the keel entirely, apply 7 coats of epoxy and then apply 2 coats of anti-foultant paint. The before and after photos were amazing.

I understand that the Albin Vega has a lead and iron encapsulated ballast.
Thread on iron ballasts: Iron Ballast - SailNet Community
Nice article on osmosis: http://www.de-ijssel-coatings.se/sites/default/files/docs/osmosis.pdf