hurricance season 2020

  1. JamesG161

    Hurricane Zeta <--- TS Zeta <--- Invest 95L

    In a year of amazing activity, we have a new disturbance forming in the only spot left, with any significant stored Solar Heat, Invest 95L finds it. Talk about tracking at this time is ludicrous but here it is.. TABM/TABD good for 2 days or about a north course. Where is BEEF aka HEAT...
  2. JamesG161

    Invest 93L

    INVESTigation 93L popped up yesterday so tracking models have started. We see TABM as normally good for 72 hours or into the Windward Island. Since HEAT is the fuel, we notice the area, of Invest 93L birth, still has significant storm fuel and is where we are seeing activity. At this time...
  3. JamesG161

    Hurricane Delta <--- TS Delta

    This was Invest 92L. This Storm will have land impact on the Gulf Coast.:facepalm: The current models are predicting a merging of TS Gamma or at least a directional effect of pulling it North West. Both storms are removing Heat energy in the form of lot of RAIN. TS Delta will gain most of...
  4. JamesG161

    TS Beta <--- TD 22 <--- Invest 90L

    Just when I was starting to relax, @kloudie1 asked me about this beauty yesterday.:banghead: That part of Mexico is very close the Gulf of Mexico drop off to 6000 feet. Water is always warm and deep. But this needs watching closely. Normally the Jet Stream kills storms here, and there are...
  5. JamesG161

    Hurricane Sally <--- TS Sally

    This storm is NOT tropical. It was un-used moisture tail of the South Carolina Invest 94L. We had noted "Rain Over Miami" to follow in 4 days later. This is that moisture. [ note: please don't steal my new song title:mad:] The Hurricane Hunters just finished a low level flight mission. The...
  6. JamesG161

    Invest 94L

    This non-Tropical disturbance [weak LOW] should not have time to energize before landfall. It is running into a HIGH over the Mid-Atlantic :clap: But... There is a lot of moisture behind it that will bring a lot of rain to Bahamas and Florida in 4 days [it may pop up soon on NHC watch] Jim...
  7. JamesG161

    Hurricane Nana <--- TS Nana

    This storm is in the Hot Caribbean but is moving fast West. It may bring high winds to Belize tomorrow 8/3/20. This storm may end up in the Pacific.:rolleyes: Jim... PS: Is it Nana like Banana, or Nah Nah.... Toe May Toe or Toe MaHH toe o_O
  8. JamesG161

    Hurricane Laura <--- TS Laura <--- TD 13 <--- Invest 98L

    I did not post on Invest 97L, since it dies quickly and taking Heat from the Caribbean.:) But this one... Is very threatening to somewhere along the USA coast lines. Do not use any tracking model until perhaps Fri-Sat. Both of these disturbances are Zooming West a nearly 20 mph [normally ≈10...
  9. JamesG161

    TS Kyle and Crazy

    Tropical Storm Kyle and it is simply Crazy [not a TS name:facepalm:] I posted about a series of LOWs spinning off North Carolina and Virginia that have been flowing across the Mid-USA. There is another one soon to follow TS Kyle.:oops: These are NON-Tropical storms forming as they hit the...
  10. JamesG161

    TS Josephine <--- TD Eleven <--- Invest 95L

    Time of year for more West African LOWs to spin off. Tracking now. TABD is best for next 2 days. A quick look, at the steering winds, shows this disturbance to track south and run into formation resistance. The Sahara Dust is still dampening the growth in intensity.:) Jim... PS: John...
  11. JamesG161

    Hurricane Isaias <--- TS Isaias <--- PTC 9 <--- Invest 92L

    We noted this tropical wave when it was 20 days away. World wide weather information continues to improve.:biggrin: Of all the Northern Atlantic storms in 2020, this is the one to watch closely for USA impact. I like TABM for the first 4 day tracking. The good news... TS Gonzalo removed a...
  12. JamesG161

    TS Gonzalo <--- TD 7 <--- Invest 99L

    Looks like the African West coast spin off does have Counter Clockwise [CCW] motion. Thank the Sahara Dust [actually a powder] for dampening the upper air moisture. Looks like that plus South American reversing spin will cause Invest 99L to fade away by Friday 24th or Saturday. I am more...