1. P

    Victron BMV-712 vs Balmar SG200

    Does anyone have an opinion on which battery monitor is better? I’m going to be installing one before launching June 1 and am not certain what might be beat for my application. I have a 2007 hunter 38 with 2 4D sportsman FLA batteries as my house bank and a group 27 west marine fla for my...
  2. A

    Upgrade Wind Instraments

    Hello All, I bought a 1980 Oday 30. The wind reader has never worked. The current electronics are via Signet which is 40 years old. If I were to upgrade to a new Raymarine wind reader, would I also need to climb the mast and replace the transmitter with the same brand? Thanks for looking, Jim
  3. A

    Trying to Upgrade to Raymarine C80

    Hey Gang, I bought a 1980 ODay 30 and its time to upgrade the electronics. The boat came with a Garmin GPS 120 (probably 25 years old), which works with the power on, very difficult to read and is obviously outdated. No radar on the boat. I was given a Raymarine C80 Chart Plotter which also...
  4. limbodog

    An introduction and a request for tips/advice/wisdom for an idiot in a 1985 40'

    Hello everyone! "The only true knowledge comes from knowing that you know nothing." - Miss Piggy First, let me introduce myself: I'm a 45 year old guy from Boston who had been kind of daydreaming about being a liveaboard for several years now. I have an uncle who did it on a 23' Sea Sprite...
  5. Fatbutter Pancake

    Converting to LED

    1982 Hunter 25 Please point me in the correct direction any links would be appreciated. I’m seriously considering while I have the rebuild opportunity to convert the boat to LED Thanks.
  6. Lokki Sailor

    Ready...set....GO!!! (New refit project)

    I bought my 1973 Macgregor 25 last year, and put it up on jacks at the marina over the winter. I am planning to go through it in the next few weeks with an eye toward making sure all the electrical systems are up to par. I am not really sure where to start. I want to keep things simple, and...
  7. D

    Sharp Seapilot

    I have a Sharp Seapilot on my 1979 Endeavour37A. I found a rather robust conceversation here from 2012, that has convinced me not to just yank the thing. For the past three years (extended shakedown :-) I've occasionally pulled the manual out (see link) and inevitably toss it aside, because I...
  8. B

    New Instruments

    My '86 Hunter 28.5 has only basic instruments (speed and depth), both of which are long overdue for a replacement. While I am at it, I would like to go ahead and add a wind instrument as well. Any thoughts/recommendations on: 1) Wired vs. Wireless (I'd like to avoid dropping the mast if...
  9. Perry Solheim

    Gradually updating electronics (for the budget minded sailor)

    I just purchased a 1975 Marieholm's International Folkboat(IF). I plan to slowly upgrade the electronics on my IF to include a chartplotter, autopilot(tiller), depth/speed/temp, wind speed/direction, and of course position with anchor alarm. Problem is I don't think I can use any of what I have...
  10. J

    Electrical Installation!!!! Help!!!

    I recently bought a 1973 Ranger 26. It currently has no electronics. Ive only ever sailed on a Bolger Nymph which has no electronics. Im wishing to install shore to ship power, a radio, fm/am radio with speakers, and mostly Navigation lights. can anyone provide advice on what would be needed to...
  11. OS2Dude

    Pedestal compass & electronics

    Our 1985 Catalina 30 has an old (Aqua Marine?) pedestal compass and it no longer works. The card is always at an angle and it does not spin very well. I have taken it apart several times, and a few of the clips that hold the card to the rest are damaged and it easily comes off the pivot point...