1. R

    LEOPARD 38 1999

    HELLO ALL! JUST PURCHASED A Robinson & Caine 1999 LEOPARD 38 IT HAS ITS ORIGINAL COCKPIT CUSHIONS anyone have leads on reasonably priced replacements?? Have to sail up May 1st from North Carolina to New Haven CT excited!!!
  2. swshogren

    Repair and replacement of cockpit drains on a Hunter 34

    Discovered this weekend that one of my cockpit drains froze and split last weekend during the big snow here in Portland. Looking for advice how to repair or replace what is installed. It looks like the original fittings from 1984. Or maybe someone here on the forum knows of the source for the...
  3. David21149

    Hunter 28.5 cockpit speakers and placement?

    I'm a new owner and wd appreciate any advice incl photos for cockpit speakers and placement? Thank you. Dave Miller, Lake Travis, TX
  4. S

    Re-routing the lines to the cockpit

    Just bought a P-23 and really enjoying it (first sailboat). I'd like to re-route the lines to the cockpit. 1) has this been done? 2) how difficult is it? 3) cost? 4) pictures of how its worked on other boats? Thanks.
  5. CarmenK

    Center board pennant exit hole in cockpit

    I am a new owner of an old boat--1976 O'Day 25. The good news is that the centerboard was replaced shortly before I bought her. The bad? The plastic trim around the exit point for the centerboard pennant is broken and the line is sawing a hole in the fiberglass. Any ideas on what I can use as a...
  6. J

    Hunter 23 Cockpit Supports

    I just bought a 1985 Hunter 23 in Florida. I recently graduated from school so cash is a little tight and I found what I thought was a real gem for $1,800. The deck has no perceptible flex, bilge was dry, standing rigging looked decent, etc. I've sailed the boat hard 3 weekends in a row and had...
  7. P

    Running cabin-top mainsheet to cockpit on C30 MK1?

    Hi there! As a frequent single-hander, I am constantly trying to figure out a way to run my mainsheet to the cockpit. I have the Edson wheel replacement and the self-tailing jib winches are easily accessible from it. The mainsheet and main halyard are both run to the starboard cabin top winch...
  8. Cabin by the Sea

    Catalina 30 cockpit hose replacement

    Both of my cockpit drain hoses were leaking. I found the marine exhaust hose that Catalina used on my boat but wanted to see if anyone has advice on fitting the new hoses in. The space is super small and the hoses only flex a little bit as the length is 18inches or so. Any advice would be...
  9. P

    Aft lazarette seat

    It just occurred to me that a nice aftermarket part for the C30 Mk1 would be an aft lazarette door with a raised seat for the helmsman. It would add extra space in the lazarette while providing a seat. I assume nothing like this is out there, but what is everyone else doing for a helmsman seat? -P
  10. Sailor_Jeff

    Changing Scupper Hoses on 28.5

    I have leaking scuppers on my 28.5. Has anyone one ever changed the scupper hoses (cockpit drain hoses) on a hunter 28.5? Just how did you access the hose fittings? Did you install deck-plates in the rear wall? Jeff