1. mermike

    Y33 chainplates?

    I'm pulling the chainplates on my Y33 tall rig for inspection in a few weeks. Has anyone replaced theirs? Does anyone have dimensions or templates? Thanks, Mike
  2. P

    chainplates knee bots for islander 28 , to pierce the hull or glass them back in ?

    so there was a rusting weep hole at the bottom of my starboard upper shroud chain plate that was glassed in and original from 1965, so I chopped it out, polished it up the plate looks great, there was a little moisture in the wood knee, but not a lot, the teak was in pretty good shape, the only...
  3. PSR

    U-bolt "upgrade" from Catalina Direct for lower shrouds or not?

    I am replacing the standing rigging on my C27 Surprise and while the mast is down, I have pulled the chainplates to inspect. My lower shroud "chainplates" are 1/2" eyebolts, similar to those offered now by Catalina Direct. These are 1/2" bolts with large backing plates, and therefore are more...
  4. C

    New owner of Bristol 24

    Hi all I just got my 1977 Bristol 24, S/V Luna, hull 477, and her trailer, off the boat and through customs here in Chile. She was lovingly restored by her former owner, and I hope to have many pleasant days sailing her on the Chilean coast and possibly well offshore. My wife and I expect to...
  5. George in AK

    Standing rigging connectors

    Appologies for the total newbie question, but the standing rigging on our 1976 Catalina 22 has me scratching my head. I've scoured the C22 Technical Manual (and updates), as well as awesome blogs like the Catalina 22 Experiment, Chip Ford, and Christopher Jin. Unfortunately, I can't find a...
  6. Rosetta Stone10263

    Re-bedding/sealing chainplates on Beneteau

    I see on my deck what look like SS covers over the chainplates where they enter the deck. How do I remove these so that I can seal under them? Thanks! John
  7. SVBOB

    C50 chainplates - Anyone tackled these?

    Hi all. Mine is a 1992 Catalina Morgan 50. Two of the six chainplates are in need of replacement. Before I get to ripping out cabinets and sinks, is there anyone out there that tackled theirs? Looking for some photos, diagrams or other info to help guide the work. They are embedded in...
  8. Dutchman

    Serious Repair Question

    So I spent the other day at a steady 30-45 degree angle with a big 155 and full main spread. Very fun and lost rudder effectiveness on a few occasions but this was the unwelcome result. Port side stay anchor on my Hunter 25.5. Outside deck has a slight cracking that doesn't look to bad but...
  9. Dinghydreams

    Woven roving to chopped strand mat in small glass repair??

    Ahoy, I have a small glass job I need to do on my Bristol 24 sailboat. To strengthen the strbrd chainplate I need to glass in the piece of wood it currently sits on, so the stress is distributed beyond this small portion of the bulkhead. (don't worry, I'm not glassing in the actual chainplate)...