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  1. C

    Catalina Galley

    Hi, I'm a new Catalina owner and am in search for a used Galley. My boat is a 1980 Catalina 22, most Catalina sailors I've met say they've thrown away their Galleys. If anyone is near north Texas and willing to part with a galley please let me know. Thank you!
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    Arriving in the Dry Tortugas
  3. R

    Trolling Motor for Catalina 22 as backup

    I've been having some issues with my Tohatsu 6HP Sail pro outboard engine not always being reliable starting or restarting. This has kept me from going for a sail on a couple occasions and luckily it has happened only at the mooring not out on the lake. I know I need to get it serviced to ensure...
  4. W

    Catalina 22 #5481 Budget Restoration

    Hello everyone! I acquired a 1977 Catalina 22 #5481 swing keel with pop top. The previous owner had stripped most of the hardware, hatches, etc, off the boat and I am in the process of getting her cleaned up and put back together. So far I have the following questions: 1) The wood trim...
  5. Sailingaway22


    I am fairly new to sailing. My wife and I are actually taking our second lesson today! We purchased a 1974 Catalina 22 in very nice condition. The little boats that we are learning on are great and we have learned how to rig them but they are simple compared to ours. I have the orig manual that...
  6. A

    Grade of Aluminum Used for Mast and Booms

    I cracked the boom on my 1986 Catalina 22 and need to do some welding repairs. Does anyone know what aluminum grade the factory used to make the extrusions? I'm guessing 6061. Can anyone confirm? Thanks
  7. J

    New boat, wet bilge, just want to sail!

    So I just got to Catalina 22. It has a soft wet bilge and I just want to go sailing. I have a place to keep it in the water. My question Is should I address this issue now or this next winter??? I have a barn to store it in this winter and will be able to dry the boat out completely. I just put...
  8. ShotgunSlim

    Sailing and Camping April 2017

    I had "Kellie Marie" out for a short day sail earlier in the year and took two guests aboard who grew up sailing and know their way around the water but couldn't take the afternoon sun and heat. I had been swapping the bimini off the fishing boat to the C-22 and back again butI finally broke...
  9. A

    New paint for Catalina 22

    Hi all, I'm looking into buying a used Catalina 22, I live in So Cal, and I am curious as to how much it might cost me (ballpark) to get a new paint job. Any info helps!
  10. L

    keel repair ------ (severe damage to pin hole and how to repair lead)

    I have a swing keel off of a Cat 22 (1972, I think). A chunk broke off during retrieval from the sea floor (due to using the already enlarged hole as chain attach point - apparently a bad idea). The missing chunk now opens the hole all the way to the keel edge. A welding shop thought they...
  11. themangokid

    Leak while under sail.

    Bilge is bone dry while sitting in the bay on its mooring. Took it out for 2 days camping on the lake, had some pretty choppy water, and accumulated about 2 litres of water in the bilge by the time I got home. I just emailed the original owner about it and he has not gotten back to me yet. I was...
  12. ShotgunSlim

    Camping and Sailing-May 2016

    It's looooooonger than it needed to be, but it sure is hard leaving good sailing video out when you sail a new model C22.
  13. ShotgunSlim

    Finally got her out for the day part 2

    Here's the video version of my good day on the water with friends:
  14. Leeward Rail

    Anyone have experience with Sunforce/Coleman Solar Panels ?

    Good Morning :) I picked up a Coleman 40 watt Mono-Cristalline Solar Panel with Charger Controller for $75 USD ($95 CAD). It looks like it may work for mounting on the stern, without getting in the way. The panel is 31"x14"x1" in...
  15. B

    Seeking galley for Catalina 22

    Hello all, I am new to the forum and the Catalina 22. Currently fixing up an older model and I've noticed it didn't come with the galley. Could anyone tell me where I could buy one. I'd also noticed that someone a long while ago posted something about plans for a homemade one. Either would be...
  16. M

    Looking for a used Swing Keel for a Catalina 22

    Started to re-furbish the swing keel on my 1976 Catalina 22. Way overdue!!! Unfortunately, the keel has corroded to the point where it cannot re-furbished. Too much material rusted away above the pin area. To buy a new one from Catalina Yachts is too expensive. Anyone have a suggestion on...
  17. Noah b

    ISO Catalina trailer options

    I am located in brevard county Florida and just acquired a Catalina 22! Besides obvious excitement it does need some work and I'd love to work on it out of the water and keep it in dry storage. I'm looking for a trailer that will work with my 88 swing keel. If anyone has any connections or...
  18. ShotgunSlim

    Scale model slideshow

    For all the snowbound C22 owners out there, I finally cobbled together a little inspiration for you...