1. P

    H23 bilge weep/limber holes

    I know there have been a few posts about the little holes that drain water into the tiny “bilges” of the H23, but I can’t find my answer in any of them. My issue is that water gets into only one of them, from only one of the holes - the middle bilge, aft hole. The other bilges are bone dry...
  2. patbratton

    water in battery area

    The bilge area under the rear if the cockpit has about three inches of water. there are no limber holes to allow it to flow forward to the area under the aft bunk where the bilge pump is. Is this by design?
  3. N

    Thoughts on this Black Crud In Bilge? Previous engine fire? Oil Leak? - Hughes 40

    Hey guys, I'm looking at buying a Hughes 40 but have some major concerns surrounding the engine. It's been sitting on the hard for 3-5 years while it's being restored. When looking at the engine, the entire area below the engine is black, with some black patches almost appearing and feeling like...
  4. J

    Hunter Legend 35.5 (1990) issue

    Ok so I'm nearing the end of looking for this issue. First time we sailed the boat there ended up being diesel in the Bilge from a faulty line as well as in the lowest part of the bathroom cabinets from a hole in the aft part due to being hulled over. Today we sailed after multiple times and had...
  5. shannylamb

    Surface of bilge cracking/crumbling

    Hi everyone! I have a 1978 25 foot Oday. I’ve had her for two years and it’s been great and I’ve been learning so much! I’ve noticed that the surface/substrate of my bilge is cracking/crumbling. I’m planning to pull her out next month and will have someone come and take a look at it, but I was...
  6. I

    Salt Water in Bilge

    Hey everyone, I recently bought my first boat, a 1980 O'day 28, after a long sailing hiatus. I took it from Anacortes to Blaine, WA to be moored yesterday, and I noticed that while underway, the bilge was filling with water. I checked it at the dock and it was nearly full with saltwater. I've...
  7. O

    Fresh water filling floods bilge?

    Hey, new owner of a 1995 Beneteau Farr 50 here. When filling my four fresh water tanks, the top tray of the water tanks fill with water and, if left overflowing at the hose deck fill, will flood the bilge as well. Has anyone else had this issue? The clamshell tank vents don't ever seem to flow...
  8. Mr Fox

    Peggie Hall recommendation FTW, again...

    Just thought I would share a small victory achieved by following Peggie Hall's advice in her book about bilge cleaning and not relying on a cleaning product to do all the work, that you actually have to get down and dirty and scrub it. I have been plagued by an odor in my '82 Marshall 22 that I...
  9. limbodog

    An introduction and a request for tips/advice/wisdom for an idiot in a 1985 40'

    Hello everyone! "The only true knowledge comes from knowing that you know nothing." - Miss Piggy First, let me introduce myself: I'm a 45 year old guy from Boston who had been kind of daydreaming about being a liveaboard for several years now. I have an uncle who did it on a 23' Sea Sprite...
  10. Plymouth Sailor


    I'm thinking of pouring automobile anti-freeze in my bilge. Does anyone know if this causes issues with fiberglass?
  11. R

    Pump for washing the deck

    We have found it necessary at times to wash the deck, grill, and other parts of the boat while we are out sailing for a few days. Spilt wine and food, fish drippings, and dirty feet marks. I was thinking of throwing a bilge pump overboard and using the hose. Figure that's better than my...
  12. S

    95 Santana 2023c water tank in the bow??????

    just bought a 95 Santana 2023c and there is a tank /void/???? in the bow of the v berth forward of the bilge area. it is full of water and i don't think it is supposed to be, it is not connected to the water ballast tank and theirs no access in it except for an 1/8" hole right at the foot of the...
  13. gailcook

    H340 manual bilge system

    Pardon my inexperience - my hubby died - so I'm doing this on my own now On my H340, there are 2 manual bilge points - one in the cockpit and one on the Stbd side of the lounge in the salon (documentation does show does not show the manual one in the salon... not helpful). If I test the one in...
  14. SUMB44

    Bilge Pump for O'day 20

    Has anyone installed an electric/automatic bilge pump or sump pump in their O'day 20 or similar? Is the bilge the correct place to expect water accumulation while underway? Are there other problem areas that also need pumps? Like in the transom area or the compartment under the cockpit hatch?
  15. J

    New boat, wet bilge, just want to sail!

    So I just got to Catalina 22. It has a soft wet bilge and I just want to go sailing. I have a place to keep it in the water. My question Is should I address this issue now or this next winter??? I have a barn to store it in this winter and will be able to dry the boat out completely. I just put...
  16. BranThomps

    23.5 Thru-hull fitting sizes/upgrades

    Hi! New owner of a 1993 23.5 and I'm going through the boat to make it ready to launch. I was cleaning the sink and noticed that the drain was starting to crack and was brittle. Upon trying to remove the sink drain, it broke completely and the drain hose put a strain on the outer thru-hull...
  17. S

    Bilge filling with water

    I have a 1987 O'Day 272 that is suddenly collecting water in the bilge. It fills slowly...takes a couple of days to fill the whole bilge. This has not happened in the 5 years that I have owned the boat, As best I can tell, the only thing that drains into the bilge is the cooler, which I have...
  18. C

    How does the Bilge work on a Hunter 20?

    I have been recently gifted a Hunter 20 that has been out of the water for ten years. It's dirty and I'd like to start by pulling everything out of the cabin and doing some clean up. My question (I'm sure the first of many) is how does the bilge drain / get pumped? If I am splashing some...
  19. F

    Water in "Central" Bilge, Beneteau Oceanis 400

    Hi All, It might be a topic that has already been discussed previously but haven't been able to find any information regarding this, any help or ideas would be much appreciated. Since I bought My Benny Oceanis 400 there has always been a bit of water in the "central' bilge. Initially I though...
  20. David Kemp

    Drain holes into keel area -- needed?

    My old Hunter 23 has 6 small holes in the fiberglass under the floorboards of the cabin, and these holes allow water to flow freely between the bilge area above the keel and the cabin. There does not appear to be any other access to this bilge area. The boat is a slip, so it never has a chance...