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TECHNODRIVE Twin Disc TMC 40 P transmission - ZF10 Replacement

May 2, 2012
Catalina 310 Toronto
Beta Marine West is the distributor of this Transmission. Have any members had any exposure to this. From what I've read so far it is a better Tranny and also a direct fit for a ZF5m or ZF10m without any modifications to shaft.
Twin Disc TMC 40 P will replace a Hurth HBW 50, HBW 100, or ZF5 , ZF10 transmissions. Just unbolt your old transmission, and bolt this one in it's place.
Unlike Hurth / ZF transmissions that use multi disc clutches, this Technodrive gear uses a simple cone clutch. This makes them VERY reliable, robust, and trouble free.
Reduction ratio 1.45:1, 2:1, or 2.6:1.

TMC 40 Transmission.JPG

2 Old Pirates
Oct 1, 2008
catalina 310 # 22 sausalito
Recently had H & M of Sausalito ( Beta Distributor) replace transmission with Twin Disc TMC 40. Ethen ( owner) feels that Universal made a poor choice of Hurth 50 as our engine ( detuned Kubota ) has to much tourqe for the Hurth and burns the out consistently. He claims that he has had customers who have replaced then 2-3 times before switching to Twin Disc and have had no trouble since.
Where as it is a direct fit to replace original not so simple.in order to install engine must be pulled forward off-mounts.Many hoses and connections must be unattached. Corrosion on bolts fittings,engine mounts etc make job more challenging and expensive .
They took over 10 hours of labor which included Engine service and corrosion abatement.
I have about 4 hours on new transmission and is different then original. Noise level,much greater and shift lever does not click into gear with exactude but sort of slides into approximate spot.
I spoke with manufacturer about noise and virduct still out. They did advise me NOT to go full speed in reverse, which is somewhat challenging as getting out of my slip depending on current does require excess power at times.
This job had to be done as old transmission was slipping and rattling . Dissapointing that orig crapped out at 800 hours as marine machanicks I spoke with think transmission should last 5000 hours.
Prepare to wait for quafied work as those who are good are in demand.
Good luck
May 2, 2012
Catalina 310 Toronto
Thanks for the feedback JL. It seems that the replacement I was told isn't close to be that direct and easy.:yikes: ??????
Too bad about the noise level. The reversing kind of bothers me also.:confused:
2 Old Pirates