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Ranger 12'


Feb 8, 2020
Ranger 12 Portland
I finally went! The first trip went much like yours. The forward thwart split at the joint. The tiller, which had been previously repaired, left out in the elements, and then re-repaired by me broke when my buddy leaned on it. The wind was light and shifty and we were surrounded by wakeboarders. Nevertheless we lashed the tiller back together, had a few good reaches and only quit after a wakeboarder wake took out what was left of the tiller. While on the water I created a list of things to fix and we will be out again this weekend or early next week. Hopefully it will go smooth enough so photos can be taken. BTW if you have a chance to measure, what is the distance from the top or your oars to the oar lock stops?
Dec 12, 2019
Ranger 12 The Puget Sound - North
I finally went! The first trip went much like yours. The forward thwart split at the joint. ... BTW if you have a chance to measure, what is the distance from the top or your oars to the oar lock stops?
Hey Waco! That's surprising to hear about the thwart and a bummer! Did the mast step come loose? Mine is really solid now... 2 layers of Okume 1/4" lathered in Tight Bond III. It's in this thread.

Yeah, definitely post some photos when you get a chance. The oars stops are 21.5" from the handle ends on 8' oars. They work out fine for me. You can also sit in the boat and use masking tape on the oars to make sure that's the right length for you.

Keep me posted!
Dec 12, 2019
Ranger 12 The Puget Sound - North
Umka has been out of the water for a month getting repaired. There was an existing crack on the starboard aft corner where the side bench meets the deck.


The crack went through the hull and gel coat.

It had to be ground out from underneath and fiberglass the top and bottom to reinforce the corner of the bench. Painted the fiberglass patch in the cockpit and there’s new gel coat on the patched hull.

Afterwards, I got motivated to do the bright work on the boat. What a difference that made! The teak has two coats of sealer to start.


So long to the aged grey wood. Hopefully she’ll be back in the water this weekend for a sail.


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Aug 1, 2021
Ranger R-12 Everett
Pictures of my hull and the orginal sail bag. Mine is number 118 made in 1979 - does anyone have a higher numbered hull? I wonder how many years they made these.
I just purchased the same one as you have with the light blue color a few days ago. I'm very excited!
Aug 1, 2021
Ranger R-12 Everett
My hull is serialized as 01417.

According to one HIN decoder, "This MIC (RFB) stands for the company name Fluid Motion Llc which is currently Out of Business. This boat manufacturer has other company names (RFB sometimes goes by these name(s) Platinum Marine, Ranger Boat Co, Ranger Fiberglass Boats, or ). This company (Fluid Motion Llc) is owned by John Livingston and is located at 25802 Pacific Hwy S in Kent state of Wa. I... Fluid Motion Llc has started making boats, yachts and other watercraft as of 6/26/1972 and went out of business on (3/27/2001) in the following country: USA. ... The US Coast guard provides this comment about this watercraft manufacturer: 123085 Chg From Type 14 To 11 Name Chg. 990304 Ranger Purchased By Fluid Motion; Old Poc Was Howard Smith. (owner). Tonyford-rni-email-010227-canoe Mfg Pkg Mailed-010302. 03/27/01 Howard Smith Sold Company To John Livingston."

Here's an aerial photo of the company from 2002. There appears to be several 18' hulls to the North part of the yard and two 9' hulls (maybe Minto's) to the East highlighted in yellow.
That's pretty awesome, you really did some digging here. My hull serial is: 022028 (I hope I am reading it right since mine has one more digit than yours).
Aug 1, 2021
Ranger R-12 Everett
The first test of the reinforced thwart and mast step was successful this past weekend. I sailed her twice in the Puget Sound and once on the lake. The first day on the Sound was steady wind about 10 mph gusting to 15+ and the tides were strong. The second day was pretty calm (2-5 mph) and the tides were ripping through the channel making it nearly impossible to sail or row. The lake had a steady breeze around 8 mph, which allowed for some onboard adjustments. The boat sails true without any weather or lee on the tiller.

I realized that the spiral lacing works the best on this rig. It keeps the luff on the mains'l straight and flush with the mast from the throat to the tack. I adjusted the traveler here and there and will need to work on that some more to keep the sail full when sailing loose footed (I haven't used the boom that I made yet).

Sailing the Sprit-rig definitely requires a brailing line. I think I mentioned that it saved my fiberglASS once before. It's easier than dropping halyard and having the mains'l all fouled up and in the way in a gust and getting clocked in the noggin with the block.

View attachment 178955
Ready to launch

View attachment 178956
Spiral Lacing

View attachment 178957
Brailed and returned to dock
I recognize the area in your photos, I live just a few minutes away. I'm hoping to run into you and Umka one of these days so that you can give me a few tips before I take my girl out on our maiden voyage together.
Aug 1, 2021
Ranger R-12 Everett
This thread is so cool!
Questions, does anyone know how many R12s were made?
Does anyone have an video of the R12 sailing? Curious who ended up landing this package from Bellingham:
Besides my R-12, this is the first one I have seen with an aluminum mast. All the other ones that I have seen have been wooden masts.