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Ranger 12'

Jul 20, 2018
Ranger Ranger 12’ Sheri Fox island
New to the forum, I as well am a new owner of a Ranger 12’. It was gifted to me by a former boss of a father in law, so initially I accepted the offer of the “small sailing boat” sight unseen just to honor my father in law’s gift. He fix the trailer and put new tires on it, then showed up at my house after towing it from Wenatchee 3 hours away!
I learned how to sail in the Minto ranger, so when I saw it, the little boy in me giggled. I was thrilled. I still had reservations, but as he unload all of the accessories and I realized it was almost sail ready, those reservations evaporated.
The tiller rudder combo needs the cap reattached and the cleats for the halyards are missing. That’s about it for projects. It came with sails and wood spars?(the boom and mast are wood).
So Evan S if you need sails to get a stencil from, I am just south about an hour on fox island.


Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser Portland OR, moored EVERETT WA
Welcome to the forum Bryson... Being a “Father in Law” I can understand your trepidation at the man showing up with a “gift”. But in this case it looks like you are one very lucky son-in-law.

Have fun on your new boat. Share your ideas with us here. So much fun.
Feb 17, 2019
Ranger 12 Ranger12 Kirkland
I came across this forum while researching my newly acquired Ranger12. I acquired this cutie from a neighbor who was moving away and needed to find a new home for his sailboat that has not been actually in the water for several years. At the time I loved the idea of a small project boat, with boat itself being in pretty good condition with I think, all of the proper parts, the trailer not so much. At this point I’m looking to find a new home for this boat that I think after reading this thread is way to cool to just put on Craigslist for sale. Is there somewhere out there where a person could offer it up to someone that wants to restore it to its rightful condition? I’ll be moving away myself soon and can’t take it with me.