1. H

    Shore Inlet Water Connection

    We are new to us owners of a 2008 Hunter 38. We needed to replace the cockpit shower and noticed the PO had disconnected the cold water supply to the shower. Tracing the disconnected line we noticed the cold line was going to a on/off valve, then to a T-connection that tied in the shore inlet...
  2. R

    Hunter 260 Water System

    I have a 2002 Hunter 260. Last season was my first sailing season of ownership. Unfortunately, I discovered a nasty water tank (black stuff coming out of the both the galley pump and head pump. During the winter, I had a deck port installed in the top of the tank to facilitate clean out...
  3. I

    Salt Water in Bilge

    Hey everyone, I recently bought my first boat, a 1980 O'day 28, after a long sailing hiatus. I took it from Anacortes to Blaine, WA to be moored yesterday, and I noticed that while underway, the bilge was filling with water. I checked it at the dock and it was nearly full with saltwater. I've...
  4. Copper Harbor

    Crack in Companionway Entrance - Catalina 30 MKII Hull #4984

    Hello - Last weekend I was out sailing with a buddy and we had a steady 22 knot wind. With both sails out we had the boat heeled over pretty good. All of a sudden brown water was coming out of the companion way side trim. Not pouring but dripping everywhere and making a mess. After I was back...
  5. J

    Universal M25XPB, water temp gauge OR alarm faulty

    I have just serviced the engine (Hx cleaned & test, cleaned strainer, new raw impeller, manifold cover, tested thermostat, oil & filter, & fuel filters). On the last two or three outings, motoring at 1500-2000 rpm, after 30-40 minutes, water temp gauge shows ~165F, alarm buzzer starts an...
  6. R

    Water System...Admiral doesn't like pumping water

    The admiral doesn't like pumping water anymore. Any recommendations on electric water pumps for the sinks in the galley and head? I will have to replace the faucets as well so recommendations on those are also appreciated. It's a Hunter 260 so there is just one tank, and it feeds both of the...
  7. S

    Hunter Legend 40.5 water in oil

    Yesterday we found brown thick oil up about 4-5 quarts. How can water get in there? My mechanic said it probably backed up through the muffler. He suggested putting a loop in the exhaust just before it exits the transom to prevent reoccurrence. Any other ideas? We had following winds on the last...
  8. S

    Water in the oil

    2 hour sailing in following winds. Then 30 minutes of motoring to a slip. After sitting 4 days, our oil was like brown molasses and up about 4 quarts. How can water get in there? My mechanic said it probably backed up through the muffler. Any other ideas?
  9. Saints2Sailors

    Hunter Legend 35.5 Fresh Water System

    We are down in the Bahamas right now having a hard time with our fresh water system. With tank topped off (~64gal) everything works great until we use about 15 gallons. Then the pump runs continuously and is unable to hit the pressure to shut off. It seems like it's cavitating on an empty tank...
  10. kiteflyer

    Standing water in entrance to Captain's Berth

    Arcadia is still on the cradle and it rained pretty heavy last week (she's a 1991 Hunter 28). Went out today to paint the bottom and noticed standing water in the entrance to the captain's berth. Looks like the wood just below the engine access panel is pretty soaked and may have gotten wet...
  11. macsmac

    Convert water tank to diesel Morgan 43 CC

    We recently purchased 1986 M 43 CC, and now find less diesel tankage than advertised. Does anyone know if the 75 gallon fiberglass water tank under the sole at the base of the companionway can be safely converted to diesel? It has already been contaminated with diesel by previous owner, and we...
  12. E

    1987 H31 : water trapped between hull and liner

    I have been battling some foul odors on my 1987 H31. First I thought it was the head, but I have checked everything and no issues there. After some google searches, I now believe I have rotten water trapped between the hull and the liner. Any recommendations on how to flush this out? Once it...
  13. A

    1970s-1980s Hunter 25 - Bilge Help?!?!

    Just purchased a 1980 Hunter 25; am fixing some odds and ends and gearing up for maiden voyage. I have a question regarding the bilge. It has a small bilge area in the cabin accessed by two wood panels; there is no pump on this boat (and from the old schematics it didnt come with one from the...