1. N

    Catalina 25 trailer help.

    Hello everyone. I purchased a Catalina 25, the boat is near flawless but the trailer is complete garbage. The metal brackets holding the rollers have rotted beyond repair. Having a bit of experience welding I am planning on rebuilding it. I am thinking of instead of trying to rebuild the rollers...
  2. C

    Trailer Catalina Capri 22 (wing keel version) - to buy or rent

    I'm looking for a used trailer for a Capri 22 wing keel version. I'm located in Ontario Canada, need a trailer to move my boat from Ottawa to Toronto. My boat is currently on a trailer, but this has been mainly used for storing the boat in winter. Attaching some pictures to get your opinion on...
  3. C

    Trailer for rent? MN or WI?

    Hi! I’m buying a Catalina 30 in Michigan, and I need to transport it back to Bayfield. I own a truck that is up to the task, so thought I’d check if anyone here has a trailer they’d rent to me... or suggestions about where I could find one to rent. Thanks in advance for any tips.
  4. J

    Looking for Boat Trailer

    Looking a used boat trailer for a 25’ O’Day. Fin keel. I’m located in Michigan. Willing to drive to a certain extent
  5. jbrock

    Trailer tires

    The trailer tires on my M25 look to be dry-rotted. I assume I need to replace them. Is there a good place to get trailer tires online? What size tires do I need? I can’t make out the letters on the tires. Thanks.
  6. M

    Winter Haul out options, considering buying a trailer

    Hi I am a new Catalina 25 (1983 fixed keel traditional interior) owner this year in New England and as the end of the end of the season is coming up quickly I am looking into options for the winter. As far as looking into a trailer: Would anyone have recommendations as to a trailer builder? Or...
  7. M

    San Juan Hull on Trailer

    Hello All- Came across this San Juan which seemed to be a pretty sweet deal until I saw the hull. Since it's been put on rollers on a trailer so much it had left pretty substantial indentations. I know fiberglass has some "memory" to it, but these seem pretty severe to me. Will these bounce...
  8. M

    Will a Catalina 25 fit on a Columbia 26 mk 2 trailer?

    I have a Catalina 25 I need to transport across states. It is currently on its cradle. I acquired a trailer that use to have a Columbia 26 mk 2 trailer. The guy used it to tow his boat from California to Kentucky, and trailer launch. It is very solid trailer with tandem 5000 pound axles and...
  9. C

    Need h27 trailer/cradle dimensions

    Recently aquired 1979 Hunter cherubini 27, need to remove it from the water and transport to my house. I need dimensions for the supports and keel tray from either existing cradleor trailer. Any information or links to other threads that may contain pertinent information is appreciated. T.i.a.
  10. ObliquePlanet

    Crossroads - Trailer, Keep, and Relocate or Sell

    Hey friends. I'm at a bit of a crossroads. I'd like to do some coastal cruising, make a trip to the Bahamas, and spend some time living aboard and adding a +1 at some point. I have a Hunter Cherubini 25 with 8hp outboard in a TX lake slip. Most of what I hear is that an inboard diesel is...
  11. T

    Towing Mac26x California to Texas

    I'm buying a Macgregor 26x and want to do alot of cross country travelling with it. I'd appreciate any advice on any of the following topics: 1.Is the standard stock trailer up to towing thousands of miles? What should I examine to make sure the trailer that comes with the boat is in good...
  12. jamieFL

    My Trailer sailer Trailer

    I picked up my trailer today. It is only partially complete, but I wanted to post a few pix to show it off. After the holidays, when the boat is on the trailer, they are adding a custom bowstop, keel funnel, and extended hitch arm. This trailer was custom built for my Watkins 25 Seawolf by...
  13. C

    Catalina 22 Trailer Conversion

    I just bought a 1982 model Catalina 22 swing keel in what appears to be good condition from a legacy member at our sail club. The boat comes with lots of stories about repairs done over the years, and of the beloved previous owner who sailed the boat for most of that time. However, it does not...
  14. T

    Type of Tires for trailer? For hauling 1985 Hunter 23 .

    What size? Fender on trailer above tire. One tire is a C 75-15 tubeless, the other is tire is different: 215/65R15 955 Formula -GT BRAND. Both are rotted from sitting 5 years . Need to move and want to buy new tires with the rims attached to be.sure its safe. And where i can buy these...
  15. D

    Trailer for O'Day 222

    I am going to need a trailer to move my 222 from 1 body of water to another. I don't have my own trailer. I can rent one and was told the bunker height is 12 to 14 inches and the centerboard retracted must clear it. Can anyone tell me what the height from hull to keel (retracted board) is? Don't...
  16. Kyedmcc

    25' sailboat tailer value

    Any opinions on what I should list my 1982 25' sailboat trailer for on craigslist? Once I splash my O'Day I wont have a need for her trailer and I will be selling it here in Iowa.
  17. K

    Trailer design loading keel boat

    There is a challenge in loading sailboats onto trailers without using a hoist. The angle of the trailer is different than the boat. If the trailer has a stop that the nose fits into it's much higher than the boat while floating then as the boat comes out of the water the bow goes up in...
  18. Alex D

    Need a 272 O'Day Trailer

    Hi, I'm looking for an ODay 272 Trailer. Thank you for the help! 561-829-4144 Alex
  19. L

    Hunter 18.5 trailer modifications

    We have a hunter 18.5 trailer that needs some work done to it. Since we are having to bring it in we are wanting to get some modifications done to make launching/retrieving easier since we've heard that's a good idea. I'm looking for suggestions on what specifically we should have done.
  20. judgeyoung

    Rudder mount for trailer

    I am certain this has been discussed, but I can't seem to find a correct thread. I built a new rudder for my Coronado 23-II and it turned out great. Now I need a place to store, transport, and secure the rudder when I am trailering or storing my boat. I can figure out how to construct one, but...