1. M

    Non-swimmers and life jackets! How to choose one?

    I think you already know what I wanna ask! I am a non-swimmer and want to go on a sail. How can I check a good life jacket?
  2. H

    Navigating Barnegate Inlet

    I Have a boat, 25 Ericson which is kept at Mariners. My husband and I have sailed the bay for 2 summers. He is anxious to hit the ocean. I have never been through the inlet only heard scary stories as a kid. Can anyone give me some pointers. He said SUNDAY or we are done, :) Like following...
  3. SVMusic

    Going Topless??!

    Just today I need my top. Everyone needs a top from time to time and our sailboat’s Bimini needed ....
  4. SVMusic

    Repairing a pressure water pump - (and what NOT to do!) haha

    We had a lot of fun making this video of troubleshooting and repairing our pressurized water pump. I think it is very informative but entertaining as well. I hope you enjoy!
  5. S

    Audio interface for easier navigating on Android & iOS?

    Knowing that smartphone/tablet screens can be hard to see out on the water, there is a new audio interface being discussed for the free SailTimer charting app (on iOS and now planned for Android too). It will announce results like: “Wind speed 7.8 knots. Boat speed 4.2 knots. Heading 192...
  6. ShotgunSlim

    Sailing and Camping April 2017

    I had "Kellie Marie" out for a short day sail earlier in the year and took two guests aboard who grew up sailing and know their way around the water but couldn't take the afternoon sun and heat. I had been swapping the bimini off the fishing boat to the C-22 and back again butI finally broke...
  7. Captaindon1991

    Sailing the columbia river

    Hello I'm brand new to sailing. Just purchased my first boat macgregor 26d. So I live on the Columbia river and wanna know the ins and outs of sailing the columbia river mostly from Bonneville dam to the dalles dam thanks for any and all info.
  8. GL-WindPower

    Albemarle Sound Cruise - North Carolina

    Hi everyone, from Michigan here. Hard to think of sailing when the temp for the day is only 24 degrees. However I am thinking about summer. My son is in Raleigh at NCS finishing up his first year of graduate studies. I would like to find someone in the Albemarle Sound area that would like to...
  9. Efraim

    An informative FREE lecture for all sailors/cruisers (and Wanbes :-))

    I will be giving a free lecture in NYC at the Tribeca Tap House 363 Greenwich St, New York, New York. Lecture will start at 18:30 on Monday, February 20th. (This coming Monday) RSVP please!!! (there is limited room) The lecture is about lessons learned from my experience in the last 40+...
  10. ShotgunSlim

    Camping and Sailing-May 2016

    It's looooooonger than it needed to be, but it sure is hard leaving good sailing video out when you sail a new model C22.
  11. Slartibartfass

    Memorial weekend sail with the family

    UNCUT: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly..... Got a little bit exciting while getting out the harbor..... Sorry, language is German-English garble....
  12. K

    Advice on a bluewater cruiser?

    Hello, Before I begin, I apologize in advance for the wall of text you are about to read. Thank you! My name is Keith, I am 25 years of age and I have only (day)sailed once in a small 30' boat in mild conditions off the coast of Santa Barbara, California with friends who knew more about it...
  13. ShotgunSlim

    Finally got her out for the day part 2

    Here's the video version of my good day on the water with friends: