1. outwardboundguy

    Looking for a parts dealer for 2001 Bebeteau 361. I am Eastern NC. Thanks

    Looking for different parts for the boat i just bought. Stern light cover, some rigging, cockpit inserts ect. Thanks
  2. C

    Which control cables for 1981 Hunter 33?

    I have a 1981 Hunter 33 (Cherubini). I need a new set of control cables for the throttle and shifter. Can anyone tell me the correct type and length of cable to purchase, or point me to a resource where I can look it up? Thanks in advance.
  3. M

    C30 stolen. Lots of new parts

    i know not a usual place to trade in parts but my boat was stolen and I am moving and need to dispose of lots of new items. Cutless bearibg, Moyer atomic4 flush kit, atomic 4 Moyer manual, gimbled stove, all new. Stove used two months. Also a cockpit cover started in blue sunbrella
  4. CharlesWashburn

    Beneteau 473 - Help Bilge Pump Selection

    Hello, Our survey for our recent purchase of a 2002 B-473 identified that we should increase the volume of pump out capacity in the bilge. In looking at the dimensional space to work with being relatively on the small side, would anyone have a good brand / model recommendation that fits this...
  5. D

    Need mast for 1988 Hunter 23

    Need help locating a replacement mast for a 1988 Hunter 23 located at Kerr Lake near Henderson, NC.
  6. J

    Replacement parts - MacGregor26M

    Greetings All, Considering buying a MacGregor 26M. Since MacGregor is no longer in business, are there any specialized parts that might be difficult to obtain for some of the unique abilities of this boat? Such as a bilge pump, mast raising system, or other features specific to MacGregor. Thanks...
  7. kenkindy1

    Seaward 24 parts -source

    Hi all, I just made the move to a 1987 Seaward 24. What is the best source for parts for the Seaward boats? I need to get a new mast step bracket and other miscellaneous bits now that I've put up the mast and noticed some fixes that are needed.
  8. DannyS

    Raymarine parts

    I'm re-mounting a Raymarine C70 chartplotter and when I removed it last fall, the gasket between the plotter and navpod got pretty beat up. Does anyone know who may still have such a thing. Raymarine's site is no help. In a pinch, I know I can make one but before I do, I thought I'd ask.
  9. finefurn

    Where can I find one of these ?

    I have a 1984 Hunter 27 I need the Reefing/Outhaul Line jamb on the Starboard side of the boom. I would assume that this part would be common across the Hunter line, but I've been wrong before. The salvage yards I contacted are not willing to part out the boom. Anyone one know of one that...
  10. N

    What to do about missing Venture 21 cabin doors?

    Hi, A friend and I are fixing up a MacGregor Venture 21 built around 1975 and our main challenge is that it is missing its horizontal and vertical cabin doors. I found a website or two that sells MacGregor parts but they don't seem to have cabin doors. Should we get something custom made? Is...
  11. E

    Buying Yanmar parts in Alabama, Mississippi or Georgia

    I need to replace cooling water hoses on my Yanmar 3GM30F. I live in Huntsville, AL. Can anyone provide some guidance on a reputable parts dealer. I've noticed that Yanmar's set-up seems to limit which suppliers can ship to any given state. Thanks.
  12. C

    Looking for Swing Keel

    Hello O'day sailors, I have a 1983 O'Day 30 that is missing it's swing keel. Fabricating a replacement is difficult. Already went to Fall River to see if I could locate a mold- no luck. Does anyone know of an O'Day 30 that is being sold for parts? Would really appreciate any leads. Would be...
  13. DianaOfBurlington

    H25 boarding ladder

    I am looking for a boarding ladder that can be fixed-mounted (not removable), that folds down (not telescoping!), that's all-stainless (7/8" being ideal), that can be deployed by either one in the water or one on deck. It must be very narrow (about 10") and have staggered standoffs to be...