o'day 20

  1. D

    1974 O'Day 20 electrical questions

    I just got this boat and have a couple of questions. 1) Where was the original battery location? This one is installed on the port berth under the cockpit. It is not square and is braced by a random 2 x 4. I am thinking of moving it to the locker on the starboard side of the cockpit. Is that...
  2. SUMB44

    Bilge Pump for O'day 20

    Has anyone installed an electric/automatic bilge pump or sump pump in their O'day 20 or similar? Is the bilge the correct place to expect water accumulation while underway? Are there other problem areas that also need pumps? Like in the transom area or the compartment under the cockpit hatch?
  3. SUMB44

    O'day 20 Rebuild

    An very interesting write-up of someone's experiences with the rebuild o their O'day 20: https://forums.bateau2.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=23267
  4. SUMB44

    Preparing to Launch

    My wife and I are preparing to launch our 'new' O'day 20 this weekend, weather permitting, for her first trials (and ours). This will be a weekend of many 'firsts' hopefully we can figure out stepping the mast on our first O'day. While getting the mast set up is a concern, my bigger worry is...
  5. SUMB44

    "New" (to me) 1977 O'day 20

    My wife and I have recently acquired a 1977 O'day 20 as an entry-level foray into family sailing. I learned to sail, and did so recreationally, ages ago when I was on active duty in the Navy. Now, I'm trying to introduce the activity to my wife and son. I have conducted a lot of research, both...
  6. T

    O'Day 20 Outboard Motor Recommendation

    We recently purchased a 1974 O'Day 20 and we're in the process of refurbishing. What size outboard motor would you recommend? We will primarily sail on moderately sized lakes, i.e. Lake Monroe, IN; Kentucky Lake; Lake Carlyle, IL; and eventually Lake Michigan. Thanks!