hunter 260

  1. W

    Has anyone considered using a 4 piling lift for a Hunter 260?

    I am new to the forum and just purchased and launched a Hunter 260. At Lake Anna in Virginia the water never freezes but there are a few times when the air temps will dip to the 20s for a daily low for a couple of days at a time. I am concerned about the water ballast in the winter, but also...
  2. S

    Hunter 260 Centerboard

    I am looking for a boat repair shop in the Lantana Florida area that will replace my Hunter 260 centerboard. The steel Centerboard pivot pin failed and the centerboard was lost, which caused the vessel to loose stability and capsize while at its mooring.
  3. R

    Water System...Admiral doesn't like pumping water

    The admiral doesn't like pumping water anymore. Any recommendations on electric water pumps for the sinks in the galley and head? I will have to replace the faucets as well so recommendations on those are also appreciated. It's a Hunter 260 so there is just one tank, and it feeds both of the...
  4. R

    Looking for teak wood

    Any recommendations on where to purchase teak panels or plywood online? I am adding a few shelves and panels to the interior of my Hunter 260, and would like to match (as best I can) the existing teak interior. Plus, I like the mold and rot resistance of teak. Mostly 1'x2', 2'x2, and 2'x3'...
  5. R

    Lighting ideas for Hunter 260

    Since winter is here, its time to get to projects on the Hunter 260. I would like to add LED lighting to the cockpit and bow area. Not looking for anything crazy, just enough lighting for relaxing, chatting, and walking around. Currently, I don't have any lights. I'm looking for something...
  6. R

    What is this on the railing? Shelf for cooler or generator?

    Hi, I found these pictures online. Any idea where to purchase the "shelf" that is attached to the stern railing? Any idea what its called? It looks like its the perfect location to keep a cooler or a small generator, especially on the limited space of a Hunter 260. I wonder if it flips up if...
  7. I

    Best Cooler Options for Hunter 26 / 260

    All, I have spent a lot of time and energy looking for the largest cooler I could put in the cooler space on my Hunter 260, without taking off the counter top (I like the countertop space). The largest cooler I could find, that did not require any modification to the space, was an Igloo...
  8. O

    Can the centerboard/keel of a Hunter 260 be removed while on the water?

    I was wondering if I could do some repairs the the centerboard while the boat is on the water. Is the bolt holding the keel above the water line? Thanks!
  9. I

    Hunter 26/260 Stern Rail Attachments

    Gentlemen, before I tear out the rear panel, take out the holding tank and/or the starting battery and all the wiring, maybe one of you can save me a quite a bit of time and help me with an issue. For the stern rails on the Hunter 260 (mine is a 2004), they are attached to the boat via circular...
  10. I

    Buying a Hunter 26/260? Heres an inspection checklist...

    All, A little over a year ago I bought a 2004 Hunter 260 sailboat. Crazy Dave Condon was kind enough to go through everything step by step with me on what I should look for when buying it. I wrote everything he told me down, and am here to share it. I hope this helps someone who is...
  11. T

    Hunter 260 Autopilot Installation

    This summer makes 10 years with my 2004 Hunter 260 and it's time for some upgraded electronics, including a proper wind transducer and an autopilot. Basically the only option these days is the Raymarine Evolution wheel version. My question for this group is where to mount the components? The...
  12. dgreen1991

    About to drop cash on a new mainsail, advice please.

    As I have only sailed this boat twice I would like some advice. This boat, Hunter 26 WB, has a fixed gooseneck. With the mainsheet pulled tight, the end of the boom sags down and hits the awning. The boom is NOT parallel with the deck. I'm thinking the leech is stretched and time for a new main...
  13. F

    Boom vang for Hunter 260

    I just bought a used 2004 Hunter 260 boat, but it comes without Boom vang, somebody can help me to know the specifications of the right Boom vang for that boat? Thank you!
  14. K

    Hunter 26 trailer

    I have a 1995 Hunter 26 water ballast that needs a trailer. I can only find a manufacturer who has the design for a 1998 Hunter 260 water ballast. Are they compatible?