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    Bulkhead and chainplate water damage.

    Okay guys I’m in a pickle. I was given an 25’ O’day in hopes of fixing it up and getting it on the water. A close family friends death was the reason of this gift and I would love to honor what he had planned for this boat. I have sailed many small boats and a few larger boats but at the time of...
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    Repairing plywood bulkhead

    I'm in the process of doing some repairs on my '83 Ericson 30+. There is a small plywood bulkhead that is at the forward end of the V-berth, just under the anchor chain pan. It has extensive water damage with the part of the top cross piece and part of the starboard vertical section rotted...
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    1974. O’Day 20 Interior Refurbish

    My 20 sails fine. The interior, however, needs some help. I will probably have several questions, but I will post them separately. First problem is the bulkhead. The starboard wall is in ok shape. It does not touch the ceiling, so I assume it is not structural. The port wall has a 1x1 that...
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    Aft Berth bulkhead

    I have just purchased a Hunter 28.5 1986 and want to find out why a previous owner might have cut out areas of the port side aft berth. I know the cockpit hoses and drains may need to be accessed, so that explains the bulkhead cutout but not sure why the flooring was cut through where the hull...
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    Bulkhead Repair

    Leaking shower caused damage to bulkhead under table seat. Damaged area approx. 18" wide by 12" high. Is this bulkhead structural? Looking for suggestions for a repair process.