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Wednesday IS photoday!!!


Aug 18, 2015
Hunter 31 Tampa Bay
I was unfamiliar with leeboards until my brother tried to explain to me (over the phone) what they were, and why the sailing pram he built had them. I had to look it up. Today I was reminded of that conversation (this was on a canal in Amsterdam):


Apparently they are not uncommon on large vessels here:


And I finally found a sailboat under way (the building in the background is the Filmmuseum):



Apr 3, 2019
Macgregor 26M P Cub Boo Mobile AL

Headed out through the Dog River Bridge in a Potter 19. A great day on the bay spent sailing at the speed of smell.

A spinnaker the size of Texas would have been nice about now.

A couple of the locals came by to see if we were ok. They said they'd never seen a boat moving that slow that wasn't in distress.