1. K

    New cabin table?

    Hi Hunter owners, has anyone replaced their cabin table? Ours broke on our Hunter 326 and the only replacements I can find are expensive custom makes. Any advice? Thanks!
  2. Mysteri

    Mac 26x berth set up

    I am trying to remember how to use the cabin cushions to set up the galley berth and extend the V berth in my Y2K Macgregor 26X. I used to have a diagram, but no longer. Can anyone help me?
  3. R

    Looking for teak wood

    Any recommendations on where to purchase teak panels or plywood online? I am adding a few shelves and panels to the interior of my Hunter 260, and would like to match (as best I can) the existing teak interior. Plus, I like the mold and rot resistance of teak. Mostly 1'x2', 2'x2, and 2'x3'...
  4. H

    Completely restoring those old cabin lights with switch, socket, and bulb

    So I've had my 1987 Catalina 25 for about 8 months now and have done a few small clean up projects and tried buying replacement LED cabin lights from a certain online dealer for our boats but found the mounting holes didn't line up and I was nearly blinded with the super bright white LED's that...
  5. R

    Mac 21 Ceiling Paint Help

    Hi, so the cabin ceiling of my Mac 21 is flaking like crazy. So id like paint it. Has anyone done this? If so what was the procedure and what paint did you use? I'm debating using an exterior house paint or bathroom type paint rather than a marine paint. I really dont want to spend too much time...
  6. A

    1970s-1980s Hunter 25 - Bilge Help?!?!

    Just purchased a 1980 Hunter 25; am fixing some odds and ends and gearing up for maiden voyage. I have a question regarding the bilge. It has a small bilge area in the cabin accessed by two wood panels; there is no pump on this boat (and from the old schematics it didnt come with one from the...