1. A

    Lifeline Stanchions for Hunter 37.5 Legend

    Hello - I am desperately searching for lifeline stanchions for our Hunter 37.5 Legend. Hunterowners shop won't have any in stock until August 7. I need them ASAP! I've searched marine salvage yards online - no luck. These stanchions were used on Hunters from the late 80s through the late...
  2. H

    Hunter 386 Shrouds

    Hi everyone, one of the 386's I'm considering has two (extra) shrouds secured on the rear quarters/transom with lightning(?) protectors - I can only assume for heavy seas/weather. Has anyone else seen this or have any comments as to why the original rig might need these? Many thanks in advance...
  3. A

    what are these called

    what are these called, took em off hunter27 ,they ran down both sides and had shackles attached
  4. S

    1981 Hunter 30 ft hull cracks

    Hello, I am new to the forum but am looking at a 30 ft hunter for sale. its a very good deal but I have noticed many hairline cracks in the bottom paint that seem to go deeper. Can anyone tell me if these are red flags? There is also a large separation between the hull and keel. I have...
  5. Z

    Hunter Shift Cable Damage

    Hi, I own a 1997 Hunter 450 Passage, and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced damage to their shift cable at the bottom of the steering pedestal. This was due to the outter sheath rubbing against sharp metal. Our boat had become stuck in reverse while backing out of our slip. It was too...
  6. C

    Recommendation requested for wind direction indicator

    Hello, I have inserted a photo of the top of my mast of my Hunter 23. Can anyone please make a recommendation for a top-of-mast wind direction indicator that is relatively easy to install and that is robust. By robust, I mean it will stand up to 30 knot winds in the San Francisco Bay area...
  7. J

    1998 Hunter 410 Windlass Seized

    Hello Folks, As said above, my 1998 Hunter 410 has a Lewmar model RMI or RM1 50\F (hard to read) electric windlass. I have attached pics too. Over this past season the motor would stop working. Sometimes repeated press/release of the up/down switch would move it, other times it would take a...
  8. B

    Storage ideas for H23.5

    Has anyone done any modifications to better use the space under the cockpit for storage? There is a ton of room under there but anything in there will slide and bang around in seas or when heeling. I’m considering building dividers or some other type of storage security system. Has anyone...
  9. D

    Looking for an EXHAUST OUTLET with Flapper for Hunter 460/466

    Looking for an EXHAUST OUTLET with Flapper for Hunter 460/466, Needs to be flush mount and I would prefer that it was stainless. I am not sure what size the current exhaust is assuming 3-4".
  10. H

    Hunter 146 Mystery Line

    I have an "extra" halyard that I am not sure what it is for: its the white line going through the pulley about 6" or so below the top of the mast. My best guess is a topping lift. Thanks!
  11. H

    H 28.5 Cabin top winches

    Anyone have any info on the original manufacturer and size of the cabin winch for the main and head halyards of the 1986 vintage 285? I'm trying to avoid drilling a new set of holes if possible but need to replace the old with new. It would be great to get the same bolt pattern regardless of...
  12. H

    1993 Hunter 30T

    Hello, I'm new here and would appreciate your thoughts, opinions, ideals, comments and suggestions. . We are looking at a 1993 Hunter 30T and wondering if any H 30T owners have sailed to the Bahamas on their boat and how the trip went for them. We are looking to start spending 3-6 months...
  13. Sloopsail816

    Hunter 50CC 2010 Entertainment System

    Hi Everyone, I’ve recently purchased a Hunter 50 CC 2010. Unfortunately it’s curently in storage in a boatyard in St Petersburg, FL and I’m in Kansas City, trying to liquidate our stuff to move aboard. My question is, does anyone have the model number of the Bose Lifestyle system and the Upstar...
  14. B

    Removing bent driveshaft strut from 1985 hunter 31

    Somehow my strut got bent, I think boatyard but no time for blame game, I just want to fix it. I got driveshaft off, and now just have to remove strut. The screws are totally wedged in, I removed bolts on inside and washers (after pic was taken), have tried wiggling screws (one is pretty...
  15. T

    Hunter 33 Rudder Delamination

    We keep our 2008 Hunter 33 in the Severn River, Maryland. We pull it every other year. When our marina pulled the boat in Nov 2017 they contacted us to say that half of our rudder fell off. What happed is one side delaminated and fell off. We have an estimate to replace of $4200...
  16. R

    First Boat Recommendations (aka - Can-o-Worms post)

    Ok folks, I know this is highly subjective but I would love a few comments around pros/cons of a few boats the family and me are looking at right now. Basic requirements: Good family boat, not really interested in racing (for now anyway) just need a nice weekend family boat. Fits a family of 5...
  17. R

    Water System...Admiral doesn't like pumping water

    The admiral doesn't like pumping water anymore. Any recommendations on electric water pumps for the sinks in the galley and head? I will have to replace the faucets as well so recommendations on those are also appreciated. It's a Hunter 260 so there is just one tank, and it feeds both of the...
  18. R

    Lighting ideas for Hunter 260

    Since winter is here, its time to get to projects on the Hunter 260. I would like to add LED lighting to the cockpit and bow area. Not looking for anything crazy, just enough lighting for relaxing, chatting, and walking around. Currently, I don't have any lights. I'm looking for something...
  19. R

    What is this on the railing? Shelf for cooler or generator?

    Hi, I found these pictures online. Any idea where to purchase the "shelf" that is attached to the stern railing? Any idea what its called? It looks like its the perfect location to keep a cooler or a small generator, especially on the limited space of a Hunter 260. I wonder if it flips up if...
  20. T

    Type of Tires for trailer? For hauling 1985 Hunter 23 .

    What size? Fender on trailer above tire. One tire is a C 75-15 tubeless, the other is tire is different: 215/65R15 955 Formula -GT BRAND. Both are rotted from sitting 5 years . Need to move and want to buy new tires with the rims attached to be.sure its safe. And where i can buy these...