1. X

    Running wires

    I have a 1991 Hunter 35.5 and I am looking to run wires from the battery storage area to the switch pannel/steareo. I can't figure out how they are currently ran even after looking at the wiring diagram. Any help on how to access wires in order to run some more would be much appreciated.
  2. H

    Running Rigging Line Type

    We own a new to us Hunter 38 and want to replace some running rigging. In the Operator's Manual they have a table with the specifications. On the table, in one column, they have Line Type. The options are: 32/3 pl, 16/16 pl, and Dyneema. Dyneema is obvious, but I am having trouble...
  3. D

    Mast Help - Hunter 27

    I own a 1982 Hunter 27. I need to replace some hardware (including spreaders) and can not for the life of me find the make of my mast. Any help is appreciated!
  4. swshogren

    It's 100 degrees outside and I'm thinking about how to heat a 1984 H34 come winter.

    The boat is located on the Columbia River outside of Portland. looking to use it more this winter and do a variety of interior projects when things get cold. What heat source have you inhaled and why. And if you installed a stove like a Dickinson -did you figure out where to install one and how...
  5. M

    Stern light

    Was the design of the Hunter 23.5 intended to drag the motor when sailing at night? If I raise the motor it blocks the light. This is with a factory motor attached to the factory mount.
  6. swshogren

    Hunter 34 - Weeping Hull

    So it's trading real hard today on the Columbia River and! I heard to the boat to do some more repairs to get ready for sailing on Father's Day. A section of interior section of the hull starboard side galley was repainted few days ago when the weather was nice. Stepping aboard this afternoon...
  7. M

    Spinnaker versus asymmetrical

    Hunter 23.5 owner's manual says you can fly a Spinnaker. Wondering if there's more stress on the rigging flying a asymmetrical Spinnaker. No back stay on these boats. So if it can handle a Spinnaker can it handle an asymmetrical Spinnaker?
  8. swshogren

    Repair and replacement of cockpit drains on a Hunter 34

    Discovered this weekend that one of my cockpit drains froze and split last weekend during the big snow here in Portland. Looking for advice how to repair or replace what is installed. It looks like the original fittings from 1984. Or maybe someone here on the forum knows of the source for the...
  9. shaun12345

    Cut off instrument mounts on steering pedestal?

    I’ve got a 1980 Hunter 30 Cherubini that I’m doing a steering pedestal overhaul on. As part of this I‘ve removed the two big instrument enclosures on either side of the pedestal that housed broken LCD displays for depth and speed - I can get this info off the Garmin display that will mount on...
  10. J

    Yanmar 3YM30 Help

    Just had my yanmar serviced (oil, filters, impeller, etc.). 300 hours and running well. After first trip out since service, I decided to recheck oil (cold and warm) and just make sure everything was in order. All is good. Except, I noticed a black zip tie that snapped...looked like it was...
  11. L

    Crack in Keel, serious?

    Hi, I am looking to purchase a 1994 hunter legend 375 a d after haulout, found a crack in the keel aft only. Should I be concerned about a major rebedding and bolt replacements? The local glass tech says its cosmetic and its only the fairing compound between the stub and bolt on keel. He never...
  12. musitsb

    Plexiglass Window Re-seal Question on Deck Salon

    Need advice. The wrap-around windshield on our 09H45DS is separating from the cabin side window opening. It is secured with a few screws but relies primarily on the bedding compound to hold in place. The bedding compound is releasing form the curved plexiglass on the port side. I can almost...
  13. musitsb

    DS windows re-seal help needed

    Need advice. The wrap-around windshield on our 09H45DS is separating from the cabin side window opening. It is secured with a few screws but relies primarily on the bedding compound to hold in place. The bedding compound is releasing form the curved plexiglass on the port side. I can almost...
  14. A

    Lifeline Stanchions for Hunter 37.5 Legend

    Hello - I am desperately searching for lifeline stanchions for our Hunter 37.5 Legend. Hunterowners shop won't have any in stock until August 7. I need them ASAP! I've searched marine salvage yards online - no luck. These stanchions were used on Hunters from the late 80s through the late...
  15. H

    Hunter 386 Shrouds

    Hi everyone, one of the 386's I'm considering has two (extra) shrouds secured on the rear quarters/transom with lightning(?) protectors - I can only assume for heavy seas/weather. Has anyone else seen this or have any comments as to why the original rig might need these? Many thanks in advance...
  16. A

    what are these called

    what are these called, took em off hunter27 ,they ran down both sides and had shackles attached
  17. S

    1981 Hunter 30 ft hull cracks

    Hello, I am new to the forum but am looking at a 30 ft hunter for sale. its a very good deal but I have noticed many hairline cracks in the bottom paint that seem to go deeper. Can anyone tell me if these are red flags? There is also a large separation between the hull and keel. I have...
  18. Z

    Hunter Shift Cable Damage

    Hi, I own a 1997 Hunter 450 Passage, and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced damage to their shift cable at the bottom of the steering pedestal. This was due to the outter sheath rubbing against sharp metal. Our boat had become stuck in reverse while backing out of our slip. It was too...
  19. C

    Recommendation requested for wind direction indicator

    Hello, I have inserted a photo of the top of my mast of my Hunter 23. Can anyone please make a recommendation for a top-of-mast wind direction indicator that is relatively easy to install and that is robust. By robust, I mean it will stand up to 30 knot winds in the San Francisco Bay area...
  20. J

    1998 Hunter 410 Windlass Seized

    Hello Folks, As said above, my 1998 Hunter 410 has a Lewmar model RMI or RM1 50\F (hard to read) electric windlass. I have attached pics too. Over this past season the motor would stop working. Sometimes repeated press/release of the up/down switch would move it, other times it would take a...