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Complete Refurb - 78 C&C Mega 30'

Mar 20, 2015
C&C 30 Mk1 Silver Harbour, Lake Winnipeg
although I don’t know why you would
Repeated mast failures due to bad spreader design ?
Boredom or need for a bigger boat ?
(Heck we just bought a bigger boat:dancing:.. when I JUST finished refitting our Catalina, and complaining that I would wait years before I did any work on a boat again... :facepalm:)

Every boat is for sale.. or will be eventually.

I was interested in this design, and was keeping an eye on the 3 boats in our area.
One dismasted last year and sold for nothing due to their value vs a new mast.
That boat also had the common keel lift system problem, coring rot, and additional damage from the dismasting

The one in our marina had both the original mast, and a original used mast, fail due to the spreader/mast design.

Owner spent 16,000 for a new redesigned mast. (The boats sell for around 10k or less here with a good trailer)

3rd one has been stored inside and unused for a few years.
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