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Dec 4, 2007
Hodgdon Bros. Alden Caravelle Seabrook, Texas
Jon, I have a Campbells sailer 3 blade prop. Banjo Girl is equipped a BETA 38 diesel and can easily motor at over 7 knots. (although I usually don't push that hard) ...3 blade is also helpful in a seaway or against a current. I had a 2 blade prior to that. I don't notice a difference under sail and a get a very substantial credit with the PHRF committee for having either a fixed 2 or fixed 3 blade prop. (more for 3 blade). With the 2 blade, I did mark the shaft so I could attempt to lock it in place behind the deadwood...

My belief is that the boats with a very slippery hull really benefit from a folding or feathering prop. I believe that our boats with the attached rudder and prop in aperture don't benefit nearly as much. The water is already disturbed there anyway... The math works for PHRF racing and even being a fixed 3 blade it's design (campbell sailer) is a pretty slippery prop I know a 2 blade would be better still.
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