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34/35 Prop Shaft Strut?

Aug 17, 2010
Oday 35 Barrington
Has anyone with an O'day 34/35 ever replaced their propeller shaft strut? If so; where did you get it, and what details about the strut can you share?

I recently had a "professional" bottom job, and the yard manager mentioned that the strut on my boat looked "pink" to him.
Strut Dims.JPG
Aug 11, 2011
O'day 30 MD
"Pink"? Is this a term used when the metal used to make the strut is failing and due to the elements it's in, is changing the molecular structure? I'm seriously interested, ergo this question.
Jan 27, 2008
ODay 35 Beaufort, NC
Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin with some other elements added in depending on the properties desired. One of these elements is zinc. If through electrolysis the zinc is removed from bronze it takes on a pinkish color. This can happen to props, struts, through hulls, etc. If the zinc on your shaft is depleted or missing (or has a bad electrical connection to the shaft) that protects your other metals from electrolysis by "sacrificing" itself the zinc in the bronze becomes the next most noble metal to be sacrificed in the process.
Jan 22, 2008
Hunter 34 Alameda CA
Mine started to get a little "pinkish" after a few years. I drilled a hole through the strut and looked at the drill shavings. I was satisfied they still had the bronze color in the interior of the casting. I installed a flat pancake zinc on the strut and the pink color never got any worse. I finally replaced my strut after 34 years when the Cutless bearing spun internally and enlarged the bore. Here is a photo of the new one from last September. The zinc usually lasts for 2 years.

Aug 17, 2010
Oday 35 Barrington
Update: Rudy can source the strut for an O'day 35. There is no telling how much longer Rudy and Debbie will be in business, so I have one on order.
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