1. N

    Looking at buying a boat, concerned about deck moisture levels

    Hey guys, I'm looking at buying a Hunter 34 which is in good condition aside from a small crack in the keel, however seems to have quite a bit of moisture in the deck. According to the survey (which was done in 2016, mind you) everything is solid, but moisture readings are showing at least...
  2. rukidn

    Moisture damage

    Last summer we discovered the cabin top panel covering the companionway slide was wet. We found a crack under the narrow sliding area oozing brown water. I traced the source to snaps added by the PO for a canvas cover. I bought an Eletrophysics CT33 moisture meter recommended by Maine Sail, and...
  3. Randall Schmidt

    Venting Air in the Locked up Cabin

    I have a 1984 ODay 28. When not used she sits buttoned up in the humid NC climate. I know I should have some air venting to reduce the chance of mold. There is not much space for adding a solar power fan and top side vent. I could cut a hole in the opening hatch just forward of the mast And...
  4. N

    Inner Hull Moisture O'day Day Sailor

    I recently purchased my first sailboat, an old O'day Day Sailer II that needs some work. My biggest concern at the moment is the inner hull containing moisture. The boat had been trailered for almost 20 years by the previous owner, and I have yet to sail it. On inspection of the inside of the...
  5. limbodog

    Paint is 33 years old - tape won't stick to it, how do I wrap hatches/windows?

    Hello all, I was advised in my introduction thread to break my issues out into individual threads, so here's #1 such thread. My current project is to dry out my vberth so I can sleep in it while my rear cabin is in disrepair. The condensation from the vberth hatch is rather substantial, and...
  6. A


    I have a 1999 Hunter 340. Moisture has been accumulating around the lower part of the teak that frames the under-counter cabinetry adjacent to the refrigerator. I can only assume that condensation is occurring on the outside plastic of the fridge liner behind the wood. On a previous Hunter I...
  7. S

    Moisture in the foredeck

    The boat Im looking to purchase has "elevated" moisture in the foredeck. Is this something I need to worry about and get fixed. What is the O'Day core made of?
  8. S

    Moisture in rudder

    I'm in the process of purchasing my first sailboat. The boat is a 1988 32 foot Oday. I'm told there is elevated moisture in the rudder but expected for a boat this age. Is this something I need to be concerned about and have repaired immediately or is it something I can monitor and have it...
  9. P

    Keeping dry on a liveaboard

    Hello! I'm sure this is a classic question for any boat owner. Does anyone have any good tips or forum posts for keeping boats & books dry? I have already taken the following measures: - Install a good convection heater - Install solar vent in hatch (coming soon) - Place visqueen between hull...