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  1. Genesis V

    Nigel Calder: Replace Your Generator by using your main engine

    Recently I attended a information session with Nigel Calder detailing replacing your generators with new marine technology that uses your main engine instead. It totally makes sense but I think the cost at this time makes it feasible for only larger boats with high energy needs. Below is a link...
  2. R

    Grounding Location for Inverter?

    I recently purchased my first boat! A Neptune 24 by Capital Yachts, called Bon Temps (good times). I have MANY upcoming projects in line to restore this boat, which is around the same age as me. I just mounted a Go Power GPSW-300 inverter, but have no clue where the chassis ground wire is...
  3. P

    Hunter 380 Inverter/Charger replacement

    My Freedom 20 that came with the boat only puts out 90 volts when inverting. I'm looking at 2000w replacements, but the space under the port settee is limited. Magnum and Go power pure sine inverter/chargers are two I've been looking at. They are bigger than the Freedom 20. The installation...