1. T

    Medicare requires a permanent residential address. What do cruisers do?

    My wife is stumped. That’s saying something because she spent 30 years managing a State Medicaid program for Aetna. We’re going through the annual B.S. with Medicare’s open enrollment period. The question no one we’ve spoken with can answer is what to do about a permanent residential address...
  2. S

    Question about Insurance Drivers

    Hello, What is the minimum age to be a ”driver” on any boat insurance agency? Thanks
  3. J

    Arguing with insurance company

    Last year was not the greatest, and for us, it was especially bad as far as sailing. We are on an inland lake, and during a period of about 30 days when we were not using the boat, the shaft log decided to start leaking, and the bilge pump quit. The result was a flooded boat during very hot...
  4. A

    Insurance for Macgregor 65

    My dream boat is the Mac 65, and there's one available that I'm considering. But I'm trying to budget what it'll cost to own the boat (after purchase). I need an estimate of what insurance might cost - $100k hull, $500k liability. Not a quote, an estimate. Agents will only quote, and only with a...
  5. Urban_Guy

    Lloyds not insuring Beneteau sailboats

    My insurance is coming due in July and I was just notified by my agent that Lloyds is no longer insuring beneteau boats. Has anyone else experienced this? I was told they are no longer insuring beneteau sailboats because there are too many of them and a lot of claims. Seems fishy to me.
  6. RoyS

    Insurance Survey

    Four years ago I had an insurance survey done on my 1980 boat. This resulted in my obtaining a competitive insurance quote for an agreed upon value offer that I happily accepted. However, over the next four years the renewal price for that same policy increased 32%. I tried shopping around...
  7. Screen Saver

    Insurance Prices Jump

    HI, Im not sure what everyone else is experiencing but my insurance has just jumped nearly 60% I have full comprehensive cover including named storms and some solo cover and liveaboard. I was paying just under 1% through Topsails whom I have been with for many years… but this is very hard to...
  8. D

    insurance caribbean

    Purchasing a new cruiser to be moored in Grenada and am unhappy with quotes for insurance I am finding. Both pricing and usage restrictions. The 1.5% -2% of hull value is a rarity! Hoping to get a suggestion for an underwriter/broker.
  9. Bob Foley

    Insurance Premiums

    My premium with BoatUS is going from $1600 to just over $2K in one year. I just got a quote from PANTAENIUS for less that $1,500 with what looks like better coverage. Anyone else with PANTAENIUS??? If so, your comments??? I sail in the North East (RI, NY, MA) Thanks