hunter 23

  1. Ohiosailin

    Rust Spot on keel

    On my '87 H23, a rust spot has developed on my wing keel. All else appears good & sound, but the spot is about 5" I need to not only treat it, but ensure there's no other spots developing. Grinding down and filling in before sealing it up again, is in order. But who else has encountered and...
  2. R

    1988 Hunter 23 mast foot

    Hello, I’m looking for a mast foot for my 1988 Hunter 23. I’ve attached an image of the one I’m looking to replace. I can’t find a new replacement and the rebuild kit doesn’t fit my mast (too narrow and short). Does anybody have one of these in working condition that they’d like to sell...
  3. C

    Where to attach the backstay tensioner?

    Hello, I am a new sailor and sailboat owner (1987 Hunter 23). I bought my boat in Nov.-2018 and I have been refurbishing it: including standing up the mast and checking all rigging. It has a split backstay. I have not been able to determine where to attach the backstay tensioner (tackle-type...
  4. BradH23

    Hunter 23 tack pennant help plz

    How do you make a tack pennant? The PO made one way too long, so I need to make one or shorten mine. Thanks in advance.
  5. BradH23

    Need help, 87 H23 with Francespar mast

    So I recently bought an 87 H23. I've owned 3 other sailboats and I have never encountered the following: my mast has some major rake the likes I have never seen. The uppers won't go taunt at all. They have 4" of play and the turnbuckles are maxed. They register a 12 on a loos gauge. The...
  6. D

    Need mast for 1988 Hunter 23

    Need help locating a replacement mast for a 1988 Hunter 23 located at Kerr Lake near Henderson, NC.
  7. corystemp


    Ok. I know there is a million things I most likely did wrong in this video. I know so be nice. This is my the very first time I have ever sailed. I had never even been on any sailboat until I went to look at this boat. No lessons from anyone, just me reading every book i could get and watching...
  8. corystemp

    Using Radio to Have Bridge Raised

    Sorry for the probably stupid question but how do you actually call in to have a train bridge raised once you know the bridge ID #? I know you use channel 13 but what do you actually say lol? I have never done it and don't want to sound like too much of a newby the first time. lol.
  9. corystemp

    Mast Height

    I am really new to sailing so probably an easy question for someone to answer. The specs on my Hunter 23 says it has a mast height of 33 feet. Is this just the length of the mast itstelf or is this the height all the way down to the waterline? Trying to figure out the min. bridge clearance I can...
  10. J

    Hunter 23 Cockpit Supports

    I just bought a 1985 Hunter 23 in Florida. I recently graduated from school so cash is a little tight and I found what I thought was a real gem for $1,800. The deck has no perceptible flex, bilge was dry, standing rigging looked decent, etc. I've sailed the boat hard 3 weekends in a row and had...