1. P

    Heater day tank config?

    Has any of you C30 owners set up a day tank to gravity feed a heater? I have the Dickinson Newport diesel and am thinking about running the high pressure fuel pump to it to prevent the pump running every now and again. Where did you put your tank? Above the dresser? Above the settee? My heater...
  2. P

    Dickinson Newport Diesel chimney placement on Catalina 30?

    The title says it all. My Newport heater arrived and I am trying to work out exact details of the chimney install. I have planned on putting it on the port bulkhead facing aft for maximum airflow to the v-berth, but the chimney placement is challenging here considering the minimum length and...
  3. P

    Good entry-level portable heater?

    Hi! I am looking for a starter unit to heat my Catalina 30's cabin overnight before I drop $1000 on a bulkhead-mount heater. Are there any cheaper portable options out there? Propane, for example? Thanks! -P
  4. G

    Hunter 326 owners: hot water heater question

    Hi, I recently purchased a 2002 Hunter 326 which had its hot water heater removed before purchase, and I decided to install a new one. In the parts section of HunterOwners, the suggested model was a 13x13x19" unit, which I purchased, but which definitely does not fit! If you own a Hunter 326...
  5. Randall Schmidt

    Preparing for an ICW Journey

    I have an ODay 28 and am planning a retirement trip down the ICW from Annapolis to Mobile Bay Alabama departing September 2017. I went to a seminar on the trip (to Florida) and got ideas but it sparked many questions I want to put forth to this site for inputs/recommendations: 1. Get a heater...
  6. stevemitchell

    311 install diesel or other heater

    Hi folks - first post after lurking for a while..... I have owned Grace, my 2000 311 Beneteau, for almost a year, and have a question about other owners who have a non AC heater solution. She has an AC-only Cruise Air air conditioner which also can heat, but it's far less efficient, and of...
  7. P

    Heater suggestions?

    I have a C30 in in the San Francisco Bay Area and am looking for a low-profile, quiet/silent, A/C or propane heating option. The nights are not very cold and a small fanned heater about does the trick in the cabin so it won't take much. It would be great to have something in the cabin, as well...