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Dickinson Newport Diesel chimney placement on Catalina 30?

Nov 15, 2015
Catalina Catalina 30 Richardson Bay, CA
The title says it all. My Newport heater arrived and I am trying to work out exact details of the chimney install. I have planned on putting it on the port bulkhead facing aft for maximum airflow to the v-berth, but the chimney placement is challenging here considering the minimum length and barometric damper placement suggested by the manufacturer.

Where have you put yours? Do you have a photo? And above deck?

Nov 7, 2012
1978 Catalina 30 Wilbur-by-the-Sea
Our boat came with a Force 10 in the same location as you mention, the 1.5" pipe for a chimney does a slight jog outboard and penetrates the cabin top inside the hand rail. Here is and old photo....