1. swshogren

    It's 100 degrees outside and I'm thinking about how to heat a 1984 H34 come winter.

    The boat is located on the Columbia River outside of Portland. looking to use it more this winter and do a variety of interior projects when things get cold. What heat source have you inhaled and why. And if you installed a stove like a Dickinson -did you figure out where to install one and how...
  2. swshogren

    Factory Installed AC

    Does anyone have any info, diagrams and photos of for the installation of the ac/heater on a Hunter 34? On the boat, we just purchased significant pieces that seem to be missing as are the manuals for its operation. My hope is to get working heat before the rains return to Oregon. Thanks for...
  3. P

    Silent cabin fan

    Anyone know of a really good and really silent 12V fan to move some warm air around the cabin? All the marine cabin fans are quite loud. Thanks!
  4. JoeRickard

    Cold Weather Cruising ...

    I'm a Great Lakes sailor and have an Oceanis 45 (5th season). I'd like to prepare my boat for early spring long distance cruising, so I have two questions: 1. What is the best approach to having heat while under way? I have a very nice dometic system (heating & cooling), however it only works...
  5. P

    Heating the forepeak

    How do you keep your forepeak warm? I am living aboard in San Francisco Bay and have a 1500W convection baseboard installed from Home Depot which makes the cabin very dry and warm. But not enough warm air gets into the forepeak and I am trying to find some tricks to supplement the heat there...
  6. seasthemoment

    Heat and AC cover

    Hello, I am looking where to find the missing cover of the Air Conditioning /Heating on a thermostat of a 1988 Hunter Legend 40. Who is the manufacturer? Thanks for the help. Regards, Philip
  7. P

    Sealing/Insulating Catalina 30 companionway hatch?

    A previous owner of my C30 built a companionway door which is pretty nice. However, there are lots of gaps and slots for cold air to get through, particularly near the top where the companionway hatch meets the door. This creates a noticeable draft when trying to heat the boat. What have others...
  8. P

    Preventing condensation in forepeak after sleeping

    The forepeak on my 1984 C30 has no natural venting and so everything is moist and covered in condensation when I wake up in the morning. The rest of the boat stays dry, and the forepeak dries out within one hour of opening the companion way once I'm awake. I bought a Nicro 4" stainless solar fan...