1. S

    H376 Exhaust Overboard Connection

    The 2” OD exhaust overboard pipe fiberglassed in the port stern locker has very little clearance above the top of the exhaust tail pipe. My exhaust hose 2” ID had been jammed on due to insufficient clearance and eventually leaked where it was flexed/bent/partially collapsed. In fairness it was...
  2. C

    Want to Buy: Volvo Penta MD7A exhaust Manifold

    Hi Folks, I'm looking for a VolvoPenta MD7A (motor #14234) exhaust manifold (part #840288). The stretch goal would be to get a whole motor for spare parts. My Dad was an avid sailor back in the day and his boat has been sitting at the docks for years. He lost the passion over time and when the...
  3. Ken13559

    SS U-Mixing Elbow

    About 2+years ago I fitted an SS U-MIXING Elbow bought from eBay. First year check, I reported the U elbow to be in great shape and no rust build up whatsoever. Now pass 2nd year, I've checked the U elbow and glad to report that it's still as clear of any rust or fouling. Totally as good as new!!
  4. Ken13559

    1 year on, SS U Mixing Elbow

    Glad to report that after 1 year (~120hrs) running, the eBay SS U Mixing elbow shows no sign of corrosion or fouling. All i found was some layer of carbon. I know I've micro-soot bubble issue but that from engine itself. Normally after a year with Yanmar stock U Mixing elbow there'll be some...
  5. Ken13559

    Micro soot bubble

    My 14yr old 1650hrs 2gm20f runs beautifully. Sounds pretty smooth. There's no black smoke but only slight white/greyish smoke. New exhaust and mixing elbows. Question is on long passage I'm seeing greyish bubbles that breaks to soot on water. Very little but noticeable. Should I be concern...
  6. eusjim1

    Yanmar 1GM10 Diesel Fuel Out Exhaust and only 2400 RPM

    I recently got a fixer upper Santana 3030 with an old Yanmar 1GM10. Recently started getting a dark liguid discharge out the exhaust and RPMs dropped from 3000 to 2400 at full throttle. Then after 10 minutes of running at 2400 rpm, water over temp alarm sounded. Very little smoke. Excellent...