1. O

    Mast Raising

    It took 4 trips to the hardware store, in addition to 3 or 4 over the past week, but my mast raising system is a success! more details when I have time, but essentially it's a redesign of what I had for Orbweaver, with a lot more strength for the heavier mast and rigging on Serenade. Everything...
  2. P

    What’s going on with the end of our traveler?

    We are refitting a 1973 C&C 39. Our traveler appears to have serious metal corrosion on the large metal end caps (not sure what to call these) at the starboard and port ends, where the blocks are affixed. These are also the terminus at each end for the furthers that the main traveling blocks can...
  3. P

    How to replace eyes on pulpits

    We have four of these badly corrupted beauties on our boat, two on the pulpit and two on the pushpit, two which the lifelines attach. They do not have any sort of set pin or screw in them. Do you have any idea how they are affixed or how they were adhered? Are replacements available for a 1"...
  4. S

    Chart-plotter Installation Location

    Hello all! My wife and I are the new owners of a 1985 Catalina 27 (tiller-controlled). We bought the boat knowing that it's got a defective Signet Marine SL172 depth sounder (either that or the transducer, not sure). We recently acquired a Garmin Echomap 74cv plus. It seems that any...
  5. S

    Please help !!! Mac 21 1981

    I need a rudder for my Macgregor v21 1981 sailboat. I recently purchased a a Macgregor 21. But, someone stole the rudder before I got to it. Now I need to make one, but I don’t know the dimensions, can someone help?
  6. CoastLife

    Hunter 34 Refit, Cabin sole, Compression post and more

    Hello everyone. My names Chad. My wife Katie and I are refitting our newly acquired 1983 Hunter 34. The hull is in good shape but it's been on the hard for a few years and the cabin sole is rotten. and I can see the cabin is starting to crush into the compression post. Currently we are...
  7. F

    crazy to cast own fixed portlights?

    Has anyone used clear, impact-resistant resin to cast their own replacement portlights? Really bummed at how easily I broke one on my Beneteau 361 (very light point loading). Naturally I'm concerned about safety and durability in all conditions, especially off shore. I'm reluctant to take a risk...