1. DinghySailor

    winch & hatch cover recommendations

    The Barient 28 winches on our new-to-us C&C 37 are in great shape but lack winch covers. My Lewmar hatches also need protective canvas. Seeking recommended sources/ideas for winch and hatch covers.
  2. berner73

    Cleaning bird contributions off of canvas (warning: content may not be suitable for all audiences)

    Hopefully this post will help others in the future. Miserable season relative to our feathered friends (pictures below). The cormorants and osprey were relentlessly prolific in their activity all Summer long. Not just bird droppings but half eaten fish, guts, etc. If I had to guess, we spent...
  3. G

    The Canvas Store

    Anyone ever used The Canvas Store in NY area for re-skining Bimini and dodger? Price is right, but website is down and I’m having a hard time finding a good review of their work. Any First hand info would be great. but I think i know my answer already. Thanks.
  4. dakno


    I want a dodger for my 08 H41ds. There must be several lofts/canvas shops that have a pattern for this boat, made from 06 till 2012 or longer. Since making the pattern is half the labor I would like to purchase one made from a existing pattern and install myself or have a shop install. I am sure...
  5. P

    Trying to close gaps in poor dodger/bimini design

    Hi there! I am trying to close some gaps between pieces of navy sunbrella between my dodger and bimini. Some holes are from poor design choices (no idea how they ended up with the idea they did), and some used to accommodate the main sheet and cockpit traveler back when there was one. See...
  6. P

    Referral for dodger maker in Sausalito, CA?

    Anyone out there have a good suggestion for a company to build a dodger for a Catalina 30? I live in Sausalito, CA (Bay Area). Thanks!