battery charging

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    Battery Issue possibly?

    My beloved underpaid Sailboat Forum. I need your help again! I’ve always had issues with my batteries and electrical. We replaced the batteries with two brand new batteries last year, here was the rundown today, which has happened before: The trickler/ charger was off all week so when we...
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    O'Day 272LE shore power

    I have a 1988 O'Day 272LE that I recently purchased. It has a shore power cable and I would like to know if this charges the batteries when connected. Also what battery switch setting should be used when on shore power.
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    Magnum Energy Remote Control Setup

    I have recently replaced the remote control on my electrical system with a new Magnum Energy ME-ARC and have a couple of setup queries. I have a 600AH battery bank using AGM batteries (3 x 200AH). In the setup for the battery monitor (BMK), at menu item 05B AmpHour Size, I have specified 600 AH...