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    Keep My Boat Floating

    Under the heading of crazy ideas, as Hurricane Dorian approaches, I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to improve my chances of recovering my boat should it be inundated. I thought that I might fill the cabin with inflated beach balls. Yeah, I know: silly. But I'll ask anyway. has anyone...
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    Universal M-12 Wiring

    I'm reinstalling my Universal M-12 two-cylinder diesel in my O'Day 272LE and coming up with extra wires. (Yes, I know, I should have taken more/better pictures BEFORE disassembly.) It's going together okay except for two things: 1) There is a yellow wire with a red stripe and a crimp-on...
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    272LE - repairing or replacing mast gate

    The mast gate on my 272LE will not close. The rivet or whatever fitting that holds it appears to have corroded and disintegrated. I’m seeking advice on how to repair or replace it. The part does not seem to be available from D&R.
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    O'Day 272LE Masthead Sheaves

    Has anyone had occasion to replace the sheaves in the masthead of an O'Day 272 or 272LE? How did you go about doing it? Step the mast down or other?
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    272LE Engine Replacement

    I'm advised by my mechanic that the Universal M12 inboard diesel in my boat has seen way better days and that it's time for a replacement. It is currently inoperable. Can anyone recommend a replacement make & model? Can anyone comment on the value of removing the existing engine and rebuilding it?
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    Fresh Water Supply To On-Board Head - 272LE

    Has anyone here added a fresh water storage tank under the starboard bench in the salon for the purposes of supplying fresh water to the on-board head? I'd be interested to know what you used for a tank. The water in the lagoon where we sail can be quite unpleasant.
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    Bow Cleats on O'Day 272

    I own an O'Day 272LE and one of the bow cleats is loose. As far as I can tell, the bow cleats mount directly into the fiberglass and do not have a backing plate (or not that I've found yet). Can someone tell me how they are installed and suggest how I can repair the loose one?
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    Dingy Davits on O'Day 272LE?

    I'm sure someone here will call me crazy, but... When I bought my '272LE, it came with a dingy and outboard motor. The dingy is a hard shell model (don't know the brand) and is stored on the deck, strapped-down, upside down. The motor is in the lazarette. My question: has anyone installed a...