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Tips For A Great Buff & Wax

Discussion in 'Musings With Maine Sail' started by Maine Sail, Apr 7, 2010. Add this thread to a FAQ

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    The whole port side had been wet sanded, washed and wiped. I used all 3 3M products on the finished part but no wax at this stage - I hope I answered this correctly. Having spent many years selling adhesive tapes I was totally confident the adhesive used on these decals, and the surface of GelCoat meant they would stick just as well with wax. Also, I note what BoatGraphics don't say ( because most of their clients are not pro installers ) is that decals can be applied " wet " A little dish soap in a spray bottle sprayed on the surface allowes the installer to move the decal without sticking into position, wipe off, job done.

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    @Maine Sail I am replacing the name on our boat that has been on for 10 years. Hull has decent shine and I typically use Ultra Cutting cream and wax each year. How aggressive will I need to go to remove the shadow of the old name. Will the Ultra work or will I need to use something like Gelcoat compound.

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    Don't even try. You need to let the sun do it... I've seen folks burn though the entire thickness of the gelcoat with wet sand paper only to still have shadow just now mixed with raw glass...

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    Gotcha, polish and wax it is. Thanks!!!

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