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what did you learn to sail on????

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Nov 6, 2010
Catalina 22 Paris Landing, Kentucky Lake, TN
Arkansas - I noted your reference to sailing on Lake Loramie in Ohio, I grew up and went to school in Piqua, just south of there and my Dad and Uncle had boats up there every year while we were growing up. You sparked a few good memories for me.


Nov 19, 2008
Boatless Boatless Annapolis
A Shark (24') was the first boat that I sailed on.

I really learned to sail as race crew on a 2-Ton IOR (Peterson).
The thing was a freight train and in really heavy winds it held its line with no chance of rounding up.
Feb 7, 2010
macgregor 25 Beaver lake, Rogers Arkansas
Got the 1981 Mac 25 on my birthday (66th) last Feburary, splashed her and took my first sailing lesson the same day on the way to the marina, about a quarter of a mile away. The PO left at that time and wished me "luck." After lots'a of reading, questions on this site, a U S Power and Sail Sqdn course and sailing in LOTS of circles, I can at least get it out of the marina and back now in a somewhat orderly fashon. "What did I learn on" will be the Midnight Star for many years to come...


Nov 14, 2010
Oday Tempest Croton
23 ft. Rainbow, this past summer. Passed my ASA101 course and have already forgotten most of it. Soooo, I got bit real bad by the bug and went out a got an O'day Tempest. She is on the hard right now, but I am already dreaming about getting her in the water and spinning circles until the lessons come back to me.
I just turned 50, and should have did this 20 years ago. I am heartened by the posts of you guys in your 70's saying how much you still love to get out on the water.
Sep 15, 2007
Hunter 22 Temple Hills, Maryland
my uncle sailed eleanor until he was 95 or so-- there is no reason to not sail--it makes ye young. no--she has no engine. she is alll sloop. he was all sailor. have fun and be heartened by that no age limit to sailors lives thing...lol --have fun and smooooth sailing.
i cheat-- i have engines. oops do i hear uncle phil rolling around in his grave.....
when i sailed dinghies--i had a kite--lol fun!! i held onto my sheet and was always using it!!!
If I'd had a home years ago and thought of it, perhaps I would have but I didn't, so better late than never and what the hey!!!:dance:


Apr 18, 2009
CL Sandpiper 565 Toronto
I just turned 50, and should have did this 20 years ago.
Despite learning to sail in my teens, we didn't own a proper boat til 5 years ago... just before we turned 50 :eek:.

At one point I also had fleeting regrets that we didn't get a boat sooner... but the past is the past, and you have your boat NOW! Besides, I'm finding that it's very cool to be 50+ but still finding new experiences to get excited about. It's the fountain of youth.

At 70 I'll take up hang-gliding.
May 12, 2010
Macgregor 25 Southern Maryland
MFG Bandit 15. A nice trainer.
The Bandit is a great boat. Besides by MacGregor 25, I also own a Whip sailboat by SailMFG, sail # 33. It's 17 feet and very fast. We still own it, but will be able to have our family of four on the MacGregor much more easily.
May 12, 2010
Macgregor 25 Southern Maryland
You started sailing in your 50's which is what I did in 2007. I've wondered if I'd be able to continue sailing through out my 70's and I see I can. Thanks.
I took my sailing lessons in 2010 at the age of 53, so I certainly hope I'll be able to be sailing successfully in my 70s also.
Oct 10, 2009
Catalina 27 Lake Monroe
I learned on a sunfish, a laser and a hunter 14ft. I have a son who is high functioning autistic and he's totally into sailing so we're going to build a little stitch and glue next winter. He'll have his own boat at 12 years old, but has slightly grander ideas of what we're going to build, though (see attached).


Tim R.

May 27, 2004
Caliber 40 Long Range Cruiser Portland, Maine
I learned on a sunfish, a laser and a hunter 14ft. I have a son who is high functioning autistic and he's totally into sailing so we're going to build a little stitch and glue next winter. He'll have his own boat at 12 years old, but has slightly grander ideas of what we're going to build, though (see attached).
Wow, that is awesome. I used to draw sailboats as a kid but nothing like that. I see a future naval architect here.:)


Mar 26, 2009
1976 formosa 41 yankee clipper santa barbara. ca.(not there)
indysailor--your kid is awesome-- wow!! smart!!!! goood drawing and well thought out.
Oct 10, 2009
Catalina 27 Lake Monroe
I'll pass along the compliment, Tim- did you pull that avatar of yours from a web site? He loves to study boat drawings and I don't think he has any Calibers.
Jan 8, 2011
Catalina, S2, Pierson Ensign 22, 28, 23 New Bern
My first sail was in 1962 visiting friends on a small lake in PA - we lost the rudder pin and had to get towed back. I "learned" to sail on a Sunfish during a Intro Course in 1978 at Oak Hollow Lake in High Point, NC. Rented Sunfish until buying the C22 in 1989. Still learning!
Dec 30, 2009
jeanneau 38 gin fizz sloop Summer- Keyport Yacht Club, Raritan Bay, NJ, Winter Viking Marina Verplanck, NY
I first sailed with a friend on a 16 footer on greenwood lake, then sunfish, various 14' cats, to a Tanzer 22', great boat, lg cockpit and wellbuilt....Red
Aug 19, 2004
Hunter 35 Vancouver, BC
Started on a Mirror dinghy. 10ft - 6" overall complete with main, jib and spinnaker. Single handing required strong teeth........to hold a sheet when your hands were full. This technique less successful with my H35!!


Apr 18, 2010
macgregor 26x lake martin
I learned on a Sunfish (like Dave Ritter at Oak Hollow lake in High Point, NC), while taking lessons with my grandson. The gentleman who taught us, Chuck Eldred is still sailing there I'm glad to say.
My love with sailing had to have started as a Sea Scout in the 50's on San Francisco Bay. I was part of the crew of the Challenger. We were involved in a regatta at Coyote Point in San Mateo. Our skipper told us on one event 'if you can better the crew of the Belmonter, I will take you for a cruise on my sailboat.' Good to his word we sailed on his 40 footer into San Francisco Bay and out through the Golden Gate. I can still hear the wind howling (gently) through the rigging, and the creaking of the rigging, snapping of the sails, and how amazed I was that this was all by the wind. We used to watch Gardner McKay in 'Adventures in Paradise' and loved every episode. I remember dreaming I was aboard the 'Flying Cloud' as she made her historic voyage through the Golden Gate (before the bridge).
Somehow the dreams of a 12 year old got away, and were replaced with other priorities. Now I can continue with my love of sailboats, and sailing. Sailing into the 70's and 80's is my goal now. I plan to sail for as long as I can raise my head off of the pillow in the morning.
Jan 9, 2011
Pearson P30 Burr's Marina, New London CT
My wife and I took a one week class at the Navy Submarine Base in Groton. I then spent a few weeks going out on practices with the USCG Academy Sailing Team. 6 months later, we bought a 30 foot Pearson as our first ever boat. Having a blast learning how much we don't know!
May 7, 2006
Catalina 28 Mark 1 New Bern
how i learned to sail

I also bought a sunfish clone. I would follow people around the lake that seemed like they new what they knew what they were doing. I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning but I caught on.
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