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Tailpipe under water?

Jun 8, 2004
-na -NA Anywhere USA
Boat is a 26 foot Chrysler with swing keel. Owner has a pick up truck which is not a 4 X 4 and total weight ofvtruck and gear is about 6000 plus. Some gear would not be suitable. Suggested four wheel drive vehicle for launching and retrieve. Suggested long extension and gear should include broom, 2 boards 2x6 at least 6 feet long, four way lug wrench, grease gun etc... there was other info given but he had someone come to the door. I will be glad to talk with him further if he wants to call.

When I called I ask questions to find out what gear, style keel, and so on to give a better response when you know the specific gear.

Not sure if he would like more suggestions