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Pearson 28-2 water heater

Aug 13, 2012
Catalina 270 Ottawa
Similarly to @ToddS , I installed the Isotemp SPA 15 (15 l/~4 gal) as a replacement of the original 6 gal (rectangular one, Kuuma??). I intentionally used a smaller heater to gain a bit of space around it. I installed it a year ago in the spring, so 1.5 seasons ago. It works well, keeps the temperature and warms up quickly.

It comes with the temperature limiting valve (this model, you can get one without), which is well worth it (prevents scalding; the temperature can easily reach almost the same as the coolant temperature in the engine (180 F/85 C)).

No experience with using the electrical element, as our Club does not have shore power. But it works great with the motor coolant Hx heating.

Consider installing SS water hoses for the first 30-50 cm of the water lines (a tip from @Maine Sail ).


May 8, 2012
Pearson P-28 Lake City MN
I have the same boat (Pearson 28-2) and same original Raritan water heater. I've had the boat for 12 years since I bought it in 2007. When I bought the boat the heater had visible signs of rust on the outer jacket. Today, 12 years later, it shows more rust but still works like a charm. I've debated replacing it but figure I'd just wait until it gave up the ghost and started leaking. I had a friend with the same boat who did just that. When his finally started leaking, he had to sawzall it out of the lazarette and replaced it with a physically smaller model. I believe his new water heater had a 3 gallon tank as opposed to our 6 gallon tank.
If you can find out what your friend installed, I'd be interested to know. For the use our boat gets, 6 gallons is more than enough so small units are my prime target.


Nov 7, 2011
Pearson 28-2 Edgewater, MD
My friend sold his boat a few years ago but I went through some old emails and saw that he installed a 3 Gallon Seaward hot water heater. It is a different configuration for connections so he had to lengthen the exchanger piping to make it work. The replacement was installed only a year or so before he sold the boat so no reports on longevity. I'm sure there are online reviews that you could look up on Seward model reliability.