1. K

    Catalina 309 Osmosis Damage Hull

    Hello All Has anyone else had trouble with fibreglass on Catalina 309 (mine is 2006 only 15 years old) - I have 6 small hollow holes on deck toe rail (1/8" to 1/4" in size) and bad pit marks on entire hull - hundreds of pit marks - see pictures - the boat has always been in freshwater, bottom...

    osmosis/water in the keel ?

    I am about to buy this nice Albin Vega, but I received this picture. I kow it is difficult from a picture, but do you think it could be osmosis ? I have been said is just antifouling leveling. Thanks Jordi
  3. BrolleSenior

    Iron keel - white, acidic liquid?

    Hi! First year with my new old boat out of the water and I notice this weird, white, acidic liquid coming out of the keel. The keel is cast iron, not encased, which I believe rules out my first diagnosis - osmosis. Any idea what this is and if it’s dangerous to sail with this condition...
  4. G

    C&C36 rudder bearing replacement, osmosis?, front hatch etc

    Dear ... Forum Before i point my questions, a short introduction to Sailboatowners.com and its users ! April 2014 i bought a C&C 36, 1980 in Miami. Sailed her through the Bahamas, Haiti (where Canoo boys made some nice deep scratches on the hull ), Dominican Republic to Curaçao. Now docked in...