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Need source for shore power cord

Jan 22, 2008
Beneteau 323 Annapolis MD
I suggest one or two 30/30 cords- with adapters. Sometime, somewhere, you'll be in a marina with only 30 outlet. I was once suprised by a 20-amp twistlock for shore power output. I had an adapter for it. Did you get your problem worked out yet? Feb 14, 2020.

Dr. D

Nov 3, 2018
Beneteau Oceanis 35.1 Firth of Tay Herrington Harbour North
Yes. I hired MTS to replace the outlets with SmartPlug, then I’ll use the standard SmartPlug cords. They will cut the 50 Amp ends off the oddball cords and wire up 30 Amp female ends. I’ll string those cords along the edge of the dock. Those aren’t long enough to reach the stern, but long enough that I can plug the SmartPlug cords into them.

When I go out daysailing I will leave all the cords on the dock. When I will be out longer (and maybe at another marina) I’ll take the SmartPlug cords with me.

BTW, the marina approved using Velcro “extreme outdoor” patches to attach the cords to the bottom side of the dock edges. I tested them and they will hold up a length of cord.
Jan 22, 2008
Beneteau 323 Annapolis MD
I have about 13 feet of 10/3 Hubble marina cord if you can use something that short. One female end.
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