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Hunter resource documents archive now online

Jun 1, 2009
Hunter 49 toronto
Sorry, they don't
There are all of the electrical schematics, etc which aren't on there.
I have a 49.
All of the docs were on the Marlow Hunter link, which isn't functioning.
If you have any way to fix this, it would be appreciated.
I contacted Hunter, and they said their files were hosted by someone else's server.
Does that make sense to you, and can you help?
Jun 1, 2009
Hunter 49 toronto
This is it.
Thanks so much for posting this.
You're my new best friend !!!
Nov 6, 2017
Hunter 306 Ft. Walton Beach
Ouch, link worked 2 weeks ago and found 306 shipping cradle drawing but now its gone :-( ??
Mar 26, 2008
Hunter 45DS Greenwich Bay
Eddie just sent me a link to their customer service resource archive.

Trust me when I tell you this is going to be Christmas, your birthday, and Mardi Gras all rolled into one web site.

It contains owners manuals, tech bulletins, assembly, repair, and operating instructions, reference materials, manuals for third-party components, and much more.


Have at it!

Over time we'll be downloading and posting this material under Boat Info as well, so it exists in two places.

Eddie asked me to pass along a special thank you to Jim Seamans who helped with this project. And as I understand it, Eddie also put a ton of work into this so send some kuldos his way as well.
This link is no longer valid. I found the documents when I was looking for wiring diagrams here:
Mar 21, 2016
Hunter MH40 Apollo Beach, FL
I was sorry to see that there is nothing on the new boats like my MH40.
Jan 28, 2018
Hunter 20 Tampa Bay
Just bought a 35 year old Hunter 20. Hauling it home tomorrow to start a quick clean up. Then start a checklist to get her ready for a short sailing season. Then I plan to really go from bow to stern and but it back to like new condition next summer. Finding the treasure trove of data here is invaluable.
Jun 8, 2004
-na -NA Anywhere USA
Go to model information for the boat and click again. As an inland dealer at the time, I did not sell the 42 CC but recalled only the wing bulb keel. Draft 4 ft 11" I think plus I did not recall an option for a deep fin keel. I could be wrong.

The information was put together by Eddie Breeden, Mgr. of customer service and warranty and a dear friend of mine whom I miss as he is deceased, Jim Seamons/Java which is all that was left at the Hunter plant

The brochure did not list a deep fin keel so I would question that. If in a mooring, someone could swim quickly underneath and tell from a fin keel vs. a wing bulb keel.
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Apr 10, 2010
Hunter 26 Boca Chica, Rep. of Panama
The pdf files don't activate to download to my android cell using the sailboat app?


Jul 30, 2016
Hunter 31 Lewis and Clark Lake
I've tried uploading the pdf, says the page isn't working right now. File size is 1500kb
Sep 22, 2018
Hunter 216 Kingston
Looks like the manual is already uploaded?

Upload is restricted to PDF max 10mb



Nov 6, 2016
Hi , I need fo find the CE certification of the Hunter 380 , anyone could help me with this doc ?? or know where to find it ? will be VERY appreciated
Sep 22, 2018
Hunter 216 Kingston
Hi , I need fo find the CE certification of the Hunter 380 , anyone could help me with this doc ?? or know where to find it ? will be VERY appreciated
I don’t have an direct answer but did find this old thread on the topic of CE. My read is if your 380 came from the domestic USA market it might NOT have one even though the manual might say that it does.

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