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Engine Panel, what's this buzzer doing ?

Oct 9, 2008
Bristol 29.9 Dana Point
I say it is a blooper by the PO. You have no sensor or pcb to drive the overtemp alarm. And only time oil pressure/temp alarms comes on is while cranking. He has wired it so he knows when he was pushing the button. OP alarm should come on while key is on and OP switch is grounded. Your OT alarm is non-functional unless you buy the very expensive t-stat housing with dual sensor bungs and a OT switch and run the wires.

You can get functional OP alarm by using one of the diagrams I posted.

Test you OP alarm with the engine running ground the wire at the OP switch.

But it's not a previous owner setup. It matches the Catalina wiring diagram.
It's not intended as an over temp setup. Unless there's some electronic magic I don't see.
It's a secondary buzzer and light, activated only when the start button is pressed.
The oil alarm and light are separate and wired conventionally.
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Aug 19, 2005
Catalina 30 Florida
Sorry, Higgins. I tried. I guess nobody knows for certain.
Although, I did find this:

Which reinforces the -stuck start button alarm- theory.

Also if you google "Catalina Yachts stuck start button", you'll find other documented incidents.
Thank you Skipper, I'll appreciate the help. I'm about to fix the buzzers and lights, get the new alternator in and maybe
there is some strange kind of magic happening if everything is put together ;-)
Catalina Direct also sells a retrofit to get the temp gauge AND a temp alarm, unfortunately for 270 $ :-(
otherwise I could make use of that. Or I try to find one of these "dog house" boards that converts higher voltage ? on the water temp sender to a switched alarm.

Safe sailing