1. S

    M25 Universal troubles - need advice

    Hello, I have a 1983 Catalina 30 with M25 Universal diesel. Earlier in the season we ran out of oil, alarm came on and we shut the engine down as soon as we noticed the alarm. Got back to port, which is a long story, and found that there were two gaskets on the oil filter; not recommended...
  2. J

    Universal M25XPB, water temp gauge OR alarm faulty

    I have just serviced the engine (Hx cleaned & test, cleaned strainer, new raw impeller, manifold cover, tested thermostat, oil & filter, & fuel filters). On the last two or three outings, motoring at 1500-2000 rpm, after 30-40 minutes, water temp gauge shows ~165F, alarm buzzer starts an...
  3. higgins

    Engine Panel, what's this buzzer doing ?

    I had the suspicion that my Catalina 30 (87) engine panel was wired by a maniac, and the repairs for the lightning strike gives me a change to really get my head into that. I have new buzzers and warning lights, new bulbs etc and made sense of most of the wiring. But this thing still puzzles me...