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Catalina 310 lists to port


Dec 15, 2006
Catalina Catlina 310 Campbell River BC
I have 4 of these 6V golf cart batteries and it works well for our use. Just an option that might allow some flexibility in positioning. Plus 4 of these is less then 1 Firefly battery

The weight of 1 6 volt bat =60 lb so for 12 volts = 120 lbs 1 firefly =12 volts @ 75 lbs saving 45 lbs for a total weight saving of 90 lbs with 2 fireflys vers 4 golf carts.
Jun 4, 2004
Catalina 310 LaSalle, MI
I have a 2005 C-310 with two (class 4-D) batteries in a port side locker. Guessing the batts are 80 lbs ea. My boat does not have a list. Wonder if it was a design change to move to two bigger batteries vs. 4 smaller batteries.


Feb 28, 2018
Catalina 310 295 South Portland, ME
Our 310 with 5 batteries has a small list. I occasionally notice it at the dock but never think about it while sailing. The Admiral has never mentioned it so I don’t think it is over a few degrees. Storing that very heavy full size table in the aft starboard berth slot probably helps. My batteries are as close to the centerline as possible. I keep my tools and spares in the starboard locker under the settee.