Capri 22 - hull numbers


Nov 21, 2012
Catalina Capri 22
Friend purchased a J-22 recently. It was never registered as it never had motor on it. Hull # -- did not match specifications. Boat was made in South Africa. Ended up registering it as a custom-home built !
Sep 25, 2018
Catalina Capri 22 Capri EXPO 14.2 1282 Stony Point
I have hull 1282 manufactured 5/15. Hull 1258 manufactured 1/12. That's 24 hulls in 40 months. Do the math, 0.6 hulls per month. One hull every 6-7 weeks. A low production.
Feb 16, 2017
It is hard to fill the new boat market with new owners!
There are more buyers for used boats than what's available in the used boat market...
I am tempted to put my boat on the market but not sure I'll get what I want for it!


Oct 21, 2018
Catalina Capri 22 Lake George
According to my dealer, he has orders for 6 Capri 22's in production right now. I have no idea how many orders there are right now in total, but if my dealer is telling the truth there are at least 6 more Capri 22's coming into the world and I assume that most of them will be used in the New Jersey area.
Mar 11, 2014
1057 sank and was totaled...Dorian
any one aware of a standard rig fin for sale on the east coast 2009 or newer?
Oct 7, 2019
Catalina Capri 22 Pueblo Reservoir
New to forum. We sail Latis, hull # 642 built in May 1990. She is winged, standard, and race package.