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C27 foredeck re-core

Jul 23, 2015
catalina 2-34 oregon
Wow, I just found your thread. Lol I think I might have bought another one and painted it red. Lol no just playing, you are doing great work. It is nice to get that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction of knowing it is done as good as you could do it, with bragging rights as well. Nice job.
May 21, 2015
Catalina 27 Richardson Bay
So after reading this and looking at the same project, would it make more sense to attack it from underneath? Since as you said the headliner does not attach to the sides?

I'm also curious about your "new bulkhead forward of the V" is that just replacing the one with access to the nav lights or did you create something else entirely?

Thanks for the photos!!!!
Oct 10, 2014
Catalina 27 Tall Rig Norfolk
Personally, I would not want to "attack from underneath." The only way I would consider that would be to remove the mast, place the boat on a rotating jig and have gravity help out in the glassing process. Otherwise you are glassing from underneath, and that is a messy proposition. Much easier to have gravity working with you, rather than against. Just my opinion and YMMV>

As far as the forward bulkhead goes, I didn't have anything separating the v-berth and the forward cavity with access to the nav lights. Instead building a bulkhead, I just glassed in some vertical supports on either side and used T-nuts to screw an access panel in place.

I have been sailing the boat this summer and have put off any further work on the v-berth overhead (and my locker/head cabinet re-configure) until the colder months.

Good luck!


Mar 5, 2011
Catalina 30 N/A
Wow. I was kinda scared for you in your first pics of cutting out your entire foredeck. Thought you had literally but off more then you could chew. But you have done fine work, & you should be proud of your accomplishment. Short of an inboard engine replacement, there is no harder work then to re-core a foredeck. Good luck & keep up the good work.